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  1. Switch under rear mudguard

    Hi I started the long awaited complete strip down of my 87 TA the other day and noticed a switch mounted under the rear mudguard. It is attached to an orange relay(?) with 6 connectors (only 2 of which are used). Any idea what it is? Cheers David
  2. New tenere next year? Long awaited balanced bike?

    New Yamaha Tenere 700 Prototype Spotted - ADV Pulse Sounds like the perfect bike for me, I will forget about honda !
  3. Dommie oil cooler.

    Dominator / FMX
    After giving my Dommie project a long awaited thrashing and totally enjoying myself ,the only negative aspects of the trip was I thought the clutch was very heavy and i think an oil cooler would be a big improvement. Apart from that ,the bike is awesome and has a cracking over ride sound when...
  4. It's finally happening and another event to add to the diary

    Charity Events
    The long awaited Taffy Dakar is officially up and running, registration will start in January 2013 The Official Taffy Dakar Site The Taffy Dakar is based on the Irish, Co. Doon, Paddy Dakar (Welcome To The Paddy Dakar - The Knockanstockan Off-Roading) It is a Motorcycling Orienteering...
  5. froggy speed cameras

    for those planning a trip to or through france next season, I have exciting news! the newest, long awaited Generation 5 speed camera has arrived! zoom out for a size comparison? ok the lower camera is calibrated for cars & bikes, the upper unit for HGV's. Obviously it takes you from...
  6. khyam tents

    Discounts / Deals
    For those looking to a change to a Khyam, Tents have the Khyam range with £15-20 off, so a Biker or Igloo is a £135 new. Of course if you are not an afficianado, this will not interest you one iota! :) So I ordered my long awaited Biker this morning :)
  7. Salt & Gold DVD

    Thought I'd post this on behalf of a good friend of mine. Figured you fellow travellers might be interested. His intro below. ====================================== On Monday 15th September 2008, I got home from work after a particularly demanding day and thought to myself “wow, I’m thirty...
  8. new bike safety adverts

    dont know if this has been covered already but what do you all think about the new think bike adverts on the tv at the moment showing bikes with a peacock tail of flashing lights on them depicting them as ordinary folk in a genial way. makes a change from the usual government ads showing us...
  9. Going on holiday now............

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well just finished packing the bags, i've put the boxes on the bike, tank bags ready to fit. Just looked at itinerary boat doesn't sail until 11pm I thought it was earlier:mad::mad::mad:. So i think i'll give it an hour or so then take a slow ride to PLymouth ( will take about an hour) find a...
  10. Wow - My Graduation and Best Essay!!

    Wow! I have finally graduated and just got awarded ‘THE BEST ESSAY’! :blob7:I’m so excited I wanted to share my news with all my friends. I know it’s not biking but it’s one of my other great passions in life.... As an undiagnosed Dyslexic I struggled at school and never had the confidence to...
  11. Exploratory route in the Pyrenees

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi folks, Yesterday we went on a long awaited exploratory route I had been planning for many days. We had joining us at last minute David, a friend of us that owns a Honda Revere but puts her anywhere, regardless if it's muddy, rocky, etc. So, off we went, 92 Dommie, my 03 TA, and David's...
  12. Scottish Section Highland Mini Meet

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    What a day - wind at speeds greater than the capability of my 'ickle @, rain coming across the road, blown by the above wind! And just occasionally some of that bright stuff called "sunshine" (I may have spellt that wrong as I'm not used to using the word :D). Myself and Lowflyer met up at the...
  13. Chinese Democracy starts now

    Guns N' Roses long awaited Chinese Democracy record is out on 23rd November. Title track as first single will be on the radio tomorrow. I am mega buzzed for it. Clip of it here.
  14. Like a "stunned mullet"!

    Everything Orange - KTM
    She's here, much heralded and long awaited and worth every nanosecond it took to arrive. As soon as I entered the showroom I fell in love.....(and the bike's not bad to look at either!:D) Directly in front of me, standing quietly was a vision, ready, willing and able, 'dressed to the nines (in...
  15. Chad's KTM Test Day ...........

    ........ He came , he saw , he conquered !!!! Well, the most eagerly awaited test ride in history "happened" today. The day got off to a VERY ominous start , after WEEKS of planning , the Big Man got on his flight bound for Glasgow - on time , no problem !! His host however, was having...
  16. New Transalp Review (full article)

    This is an article printed in a mag.. Sshh.. The Transalp has long been a star in Honda's constellation, but will the eagerly awaited incarnation shine as bright? It's been 20 years since the Transalp first hit our shores, and to celebrate it passing that two-decade milestone, Honda has...
  17. Kawasaki Thingy .........

    Other Bikes
    This week's MCM page five mentions Kawasaki plans for a more "offroad biased" bike based on the Versys engine and chassis, to compete with the ......about to be announced and long awaited BMW F800GS. Tis going to be interesting next year ....... with those two and the possibility of a Honda...
  18. fellow Dakar fans!

    With recent talk about 'dust to glory' this may be of interest too..... lets be honest there are more books on the dakar then any raid event, and most are a 3rd party view which is often fairly badly backed up in the facts department :evil: :evil: , however at last there is a new book that is...
  19. Salisbury 2nd October ride report

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well it was an early start for myself and Lootch heading away from Essex around 7:50 Sunday morning. Could feel the winter is rapidly aproaching and did at one point wonder if it's worth while getting out of my warm bed. We stopped about 30 miles away from Amesbury with numb bum taking it's...