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  1. Shock & Awe !

    Didn't actually get a shock, but I was in awe of this. First time I've really hear'd the linear power of electricity sound awesome :) Chip Yates 2011 Pikes Peak - Full Record Setting Race! - YouTube
  2. Got meself an AT today!

    Africa Twin
    :blob5::blob5::cheers: '93 RD07(?) 43,500km Very nice condition. Can't play with it yet as I've got to wait for the Germans to finish partying this week(German Carnival time) to get the paperwork straight, then I'll be over in jolly old (expensive) England for a few days...but should...
  3. Range Rover driver sues police ...

    I couldn't believe this when I read it... WalesOnline - News - Wales News - Stroke man to sue police for £100k for stress after attack on his car The usual anti-police mob are up in arms about this of course - but they seem to be ignoring some pretty obvious issues when siding with this 70...
  4. North Coast Run

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just a short trip today – 304 miles for me, door to door. RickSkye may have done more though :thumbup:. Met up on the side of the A9 above Inverness, then headed off into the hills. This is a view along Loch Naver. Not ridden this little road before today – won’t be doing it again in a hurry...
  5. The Witches Promise

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I planned this journey because I fancied a twisty, high climbing route away from main roads, that won't take up too much of a Sunday (2 to 3 hours depending on brew stops ). I know it's not everyone’s cup of tea but it does it for me and is particularly suited to the Dominator. The...
  6. Anglo-Italian Transalp owners meet-up 2009

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Anglo-Italian Transalp Meeting 2009. Quality, not quantity! I had seen the original message from Scorpio (Maurizio) waaay back in the wintertime, inviting any xrv’ers who were interested to join with the Italian Transalp owners Summer meeting in the Italian Tyrol. “No way”, I had thought at...
  7. scotland west coast advice

    OK I need some advice on the best roads to take in. I've got from weds night to saturday to get from birmingham to the west coast and back. I've been up to Skye, Applecross etc before and I'm keen to explore a bit further south. I'd like to get as far as possible from birmingham on weds night...
  8. Scottish Islands / Hebrides

    Catherine and I are seriously considering a trip out to the Outer Hebrides next summer. Probably starting from Warrington to a pals 'shed / lodge' at Dalavich (loch Awe) ferry from Oban and heading to South Uist up to Stornaway then ferry over to Ullapool and maybe Skye. Then back on to...
  9. Varadero XL1000V Bits and Bobs For Sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    After the Vara being written off the other week I now have a few bits and bobs that I managed to salvage. There will be some other stuff to follow also. THESE ARE PARTS FROM A CARBED VARADERO, UNLESS SPECIFIED I DO NOT KNOW WHETHER THESE DO OR DO NOT FIT THE FI VARADERO. PLEASE DO YOUR OWN...
  10. Cruise into Wales Feb 08

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    On a freezing weekend, a couple of dozen members decided to rise the breadth of the country for a laugh. At the Sarn Services, near Bridgend, RV point for for groups from S Wales and E England. Here are DaveS and Lord Vader, laughing despite the pain he was in. Chad and Gnasher. Elaine...
  11. For anyone interested in touring in Germany

    Just stumbled across this. Sounds real good and can be done in "bits" as the whole thing is around9000km (5000odd miles i guess) long German Motorbike Route The original German Motorbike Route The latest that Germany has to offer motorbike riders is a circuit measuring just under 9,000 km that...
  12. Laos and Cambodia by Africa Twin

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ok, have fully recovered from the China trip, and have more or less caught up on everything on the home front. Time to roll baby ! This time I wanted to head over to Laos, and make one final attempt to get to the top of Lima 85. Then head to south Laos, into Cambodia,then end up in Pattaya. The...
  13. true heroes

    Africa Twin
    so you think you can do off road,here,s some guy,s doing awe of these guy,s HYPERLINK ""
  14. Breaking News: Imperial Troopcarrier shot dow by Enemyforces

    But i've got a different one :lol: Well the bad news was that the guy which wanted to sell me the vara from yorkshire managed to drop it on the way back from france :cry: .So i did ask him to send me some pics of the damage.Which he did and i forwarded them to his Holyness "The Saint" Chad.He...
  15. My brakes are working,both :-)

    Just came back from the holy one,St chad himself He did my @'s front brake caliphers,seals and pads for me because i do not know how to do these things :cry: :cry: :lol: :lol: Thanks chad Whealie and richieb came past my house this morning,stopped for a coffee and than we set of to go to...
  16. Dust To Glory

    Just watched it. Fantastic, awe inspiring stuff. Total respect and would love to be part of it. It's that kinda groove I could seriously get into :-)
  17. Vara Luggage

    :shock: I'm all wide eyed in wonder, awe and confusion after my recent defection from Africa Twin land...what do you guys have as luggage? I'm after a topbox which will be a pretty much permanant feature and some easy on/off panniers for touring. Quite fancying some Alu boxes or maybe the Hepco...