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  1. D'awww

  2. new transalp

    hi just got myself a 600 transalp my second one have a masive bargin 1400 pound 1996 come wiht full hard luggage, centre stand, honda heated grip, batlux tank cover and bag,new tyers ,new diskes standed and tall screen with all in mint condition she black and silver 40,000 miles but with full...
  3. International Transalp Treffen 2007, Zams Austria

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all, I returned home from this year's Dutch organised International Transalp Treffen late on Saturday night. The event was truly superb. Set in a beautiful location, a hotel with good facilities and excellent standard of food & service. Everybody was so friendly and welcoming, the whole...
  4. Dont go down the cellar

    Playing eye-spy on the bus. My 10 yr old sez ''I spy with my little eye, something beginning with c'' ''cloud''?? shouts my 7 yr old. ''nope'' ''car''?? ''nope'' ''cardigan''?? ''nope'' ''can of pop''?? ''nope'' ''awww - give us a clue then this is boring'' sez 7 year old...