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  1. Rear wheel axle tool dimensions - RD03.

    Africa Twin
    It's been a little while since I had the rear wheel of my RD03 off, and now I want to order some combined tyre levers and axle wrenches. Can anyone here tell me the dimensions I need? I seem to recall that it is 17mm and 24mm? I am currently in Scotland, and my bike is back home in Norway...
  2. Swing-Arm dimensions

    Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone have a Dominator frame and/or swing-arm handy that they could measure for me? I need to know the width across the front of the S/A i.e. along the pivot (or the width inside the frame where the S/A fits).I also would like to know the S/A length, i.e. from pivot to wheel axle (middle...
  3. Front Wheel Spindle/Axle - Help

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Folks, Would anyone happen to have a spare front wheel spindle they would like to off load? My Dommi one has a slight bend to it. I believe the FX and SLR (and some other honda models) has the same spindle. Thanks Jim
  4. Front Axle, what's missing ?

    Hi, I've just bought a '93 xl600 transalp and when removing the front wheel found the nut to be very stiff and the wheel binding in the calipers. Took the wheel off and on replacing found that as I was tightening the axle it started to get very tight but the forks were not yet touching the wheel...
  5. Design Fault with Front wheel Axle Holder

    Was doing a routine check and found that the front axle holder was broken and the nuts on the studs were so loose that they could come off by hand. Anyway as I do not have torque wrench I managed to snap 1 stud off and then was trying to put a temporary support plate which caused the other stud...
  6. Wanted: Rear axle spacers for Africa twin.

    For Sale / Wanted
    As the title says, rear axle spacers required for 1997 Africa twin, l have the wheel and axle but no spacers, I'm upgrading my transalp Any advice gratefully received, thanks. Jasper
  7. AT rear wheel options....

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Anyone know of anywhere that makes a replacement rear hub for the AT or any other brands/models that share the same axle diameter and similar spacing? Any help appreciated. Cheers Slidey
  8. Wanted: car trailer capable of transporting an africa twin,essex area

    For Sale / Wanted
    howdy,so im heading home to ireland in decemember and hope to have either my bike sold or pxed by then but if not or i get a suitable px ill need a good car trailer that will bring a bike,ill be towing it behind a peugeot 406,a twin axle builders type trailer may suit as my father can use it at...
  9. Hub bearing spacer problems, too long?

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone encountered hub spacer problems when changing their wheel bearings? It is my understanding that when the bearings are driven into the hub the spacer should be touching the inner race. When the axle is then installed and torqued up the spacer prevents side loading to the bearing. In...
  10. For Sale: WP4357 complete suspension

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have for sale a WP4357 suspension in very good condition, I used those forks on a KLE500 USD conversion, but I am selling the bike so I am parting out the forks and triples. I can also split in into forks and triples separately. Suspension: WP4357 fully addjustable, 14 click on rebound and...
  11. xr250/400 swingarm dimensions

    Hi, can anyone give me the the dimensions for a rear disc brake swingarm for xr250/400...i am looking for the distance from pivot to axle and the width of the swingarm at the pivot where it fits into frame as i am looking to convert my xl500s to rear disc. cheers
  12. output shaft bearing noise?

    Africa Twin
    Hei, I bought my AT last year and it was in very good condition. Now, 10 000km later, it has an ugly rattle. It sounds like a Chain is rubbing somewhere, the sound comes in Waves I only hear it when I accellerate, and I am pretty sure it comes from the left side of the engine The bike has only...
  13. XR 250 FRONT END to XL500S

    Hi, does anyone know if a 1984/85 XR250R front end will fit straight on to a 1979 XL500S.....I am trying to convert my bike from drum to disc as i have had one too many heart stopping moments, can anyone tell me the distance between the xr250r axle to the top of the forks - the diameter of the...
  14. XL500S Disc brake conversion

    Hi, I am new to this forum, I need some advice about converting my bike from drum brake front to disc as i have recently had some heart stopping moments with my front brake, i would like to change the front end without having to do too much engineering and also keep the steering geometry as...
  15. Africa Twin rear axle - help please!

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, New around here so nice to meet you all. I have an RD04 @ that I mainly use off road. The sprocket carrier bearing collapsed and has damaged the rear axle... Does anyone have a spare axle?? Please... pretty please...? I will pay money... or beer... I am in Surrey so can collect...
  16. rear wheel instalation Q

    took the rear wheel off earlier to fit the tourance's. right pain getting the axle out but eventually did - i put it down to lack of grease. Anyway, i popped the axle back in minus wheel to keep everything in place and the axle wont go through the rear caliper past the axle thread. The thread...
  17. 18inch rear

    Africa Twin
    Can anybody tell me how difficult it would be to slap a 18inch rear on the Twin? Could I not just modify an enduro bike's rear rim to work with my axle and make up spacers for the offset? I know that ideally I would have to lace a new rim up to my hub, but I heard rumours that its there where...
  18. sorry but help needed on main stand fitting :(

    ok, realised that i couldnt use the 'axle' rod that came with the kit as i have engine bars fitted that use a threaded bar to secure them to the stand fitting points,.. Well false sense of security overcame me as fitting the actual stand was a breeze. 1hr later managed to get the big spring...
  19. Remove link on new chain and sprockets?

    Dominator / FMX
    I have just replaced me chain and sprockets on me NX650 and without checking I’ve riveted the link, on adjustment I have found that the axle is quite far back, 5 indicator lines back, I think I should have taken a link out, but I’m also thinking that the chain will probably need changing within...
  20. Fork bolts. DAMN!

    Mechanical Advice
    A quick inspection pre-MoT revealed that one of the three bolts protruding from the bottom of the right fork to take the clamp plate around the front axle has sheared. Consequently the clamp plate is secured by the two others and the remaining bolt which screws into the fork. Is there any way...