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  1. Wanted: XL600V exhaust to fit 1990

    XRV Swap Shop
    Hi, my original exhaust is now 25 years old and I need replacement. Ideally I want to stick with original OEM part but anything considered as I want to keep the price down. Bike is off the road for winter but looking to get this sorted before March 2017. I am in East Sussex but I can travel...
  2. Would a 650 exhaust fit a 600?

    Would a xl650 exhaust fit a 1998 xl600v?
  3. Transalp Newbie

    Hello all, Recently purchased a 95 transalp 600 to give me a break from my daily drive Vivaro van. I didn't want to spend a great deal, just something cheap, reliable and could be used all round, all weather. When it showed up for sale on gumtree locally, I took the plunge. £600 bought me a...
  4. For Sale: 2007 Varadero for sale, low mileage and very good condition

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I am having to sell my beloved Vara as I now have a company car and can't afford to keep both. I bought it just over a year ago with 3600 miles on the clock! It was very well looked after and almost 100% mint. I have since fitted a aftermarket screen, centre stand and back box. I have since...
  5. For Sale: Honda Transalp XL700 VA9. 2009.

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, Well its time to downsize my bike collection so I have decided to sell my TA 700. Now this is the 3rd TA I have had over the years, the previous 2 being the 650 version (Both with 50,000+ miles on when sold). The only reason I'm selling is that I purchased a new Varadero XL1000 in May...
  6. Bagster Tank Bag...Any recommendations ?

    Hi everyone, I have just purchased a Bagster tank cover for my Varadero which looks a nice piece of kit. Looking at the available tank bag options, the range appears to be quite large and I wondered if any of you had any recommendations on which one to get and why? I do not want anything too...
  7. Would you sell or would you break?

    Hey guys, can I please ask some advice to you Transalp owners? I'm finally hanging up my guns so to speak. I've been riding my Transalp XL600v since I passed my direct access 7 years ago. It has been a wicked ride, immensely reliable, predictable handling, great sound and an absolute beast...
  8. what will fit??

    hi folks im asking will a xr 400, xr 250 standard exhaust fit a 1992 baja 250??? im not sure if the std baja header pipes are the same diameter as the back box off a newer bike or the brackets will be in the same location.. basically im after a cheap replacement,, cheers
  9. For Sale: 1993 Nissan Sunny 1.3

    For Sale / Wanted
    Thought it might be worth a punt putting this up on here. Having been made redundant AGAIN, my current transport has to go. Its a 1993 Nissan Sunny 1.3 - 80,000 Miles - Minor damage on front passnger side wing, otherwise it is in a good condition for its age - Heated rear window, Hot and cold...
  10. debaffling standard 700 can?

    I am going to have a go at slicing open the can and removing all the nasty baffling, I have a leo vince de-cat, and all the reviews of rear cans either look ugly or they are too quiet. I reckon angle grind open the silencer, cut everything out and weld it back up again, should produce about the...
  11. DE-STRESSING ride

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a really sheit week at work. With the end of the financial year coming up I had a meeting with the boss and he has given me a massive target to try and hit by the end of March and loads of other crap to do. Normally this time of month I go away and train a Mountain Rescue team but for the...
  12. Orange Jihad in Wales

    Ok who was it????? Ktm Orange in colour of course, rider was wearing a pale brown and black dakar style jacket going considerably faster than........................... M4 motorway between Miskin and Pencoed this ere morning about 9.35-9.45am And while we are on the subject of Twas it u ...
  13. Laptops and Travelling

    In April I went down to Morocco and found out my mobile phone did not work. I had purchased from Amazon (before the trip) a secondhand Asus Eee notebook running Linux (not microsoft) which has a solid state memory. The machine was brilliant linking into wireless networks with no hassle and was...
  14. pictures

    put some pictures up of my new transalp...well new to the mra vario screen,fast delivery.only ordered it on all sorted now no wobbles back box or not and tyres i have to say are handling very well for such a bad review you guys gave them.then again i havnt tried any other tyres...
  15. TA700 price increase

    Just noticed on Honda UK the price increases today, the TA700 now @ £6,541 up from £5,503 =£1,038 increase. This, along with the cost of having to pay for the first service (Jan09) and the free back box and heated grips offer finishing. There will also be an increase in the VAT of 2.5% in the...
  16. RD03 exhaust on an alp

    Right as promised here is the report on my recent discovery of a cheaper or easier transalp exhaust modification. It all started when I studied this picture:- There are probably many of us who have a copy of this bike. Where it comes from I do not know or remember but we’ve all probably sat...
  17. Rides am doing in March 2009 - all welcome

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Ride out events for March 2009. Greetings Rider, I tend to do a lot of shorter come medium distance rides and riders are welcome to join me on the ride or meet up at the final destination. I will be posting the rides that I am doing each month and riders are welcome to join me if they wish...
  18. Rediculously cheap new back box... Look !!

    Africa Twin David Silver is selling large 45L GENUINE, NEW backboxes for the AT for only £59 :o ! I just fitted mine today and its the large genuine Honda one and also comes with the base plate and also a back rest. Its better quality than...
  19. For Sale: 04 Black transalp

    For Sale / Wanted
    Sharrie wants to sell her Black fully serviced 04 Transalp, new chain, heated grips, engine bars, front spots, short seat, scot oiler, back box and pannier set,resent mot and head bearings. Bike has done 36 thou commuting miles. She wants £2200 or £2400 with all the luggage.Good bike :thumbup:
  20. XL700/CRF LED Coincidence

    I saw a thread on here not so long ago about adding additional rear lighting to make our bikes stand out better in traffic. I though, 'Good plan peeps, I've a got a rig of red LEDs lying about from when i road registered my CRF and replaced its rear 4LED light with an 8LED rear/brake one.' So i...