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  1. Sore backside ?

    Hi folks just back from my first long distance tour 2500 miles around the coast of Ireland one thing that has left an impression on me is the discomfort I have been in due to the shape of the seat on my 650 Transalp. Does anyone know of a replacement seat similar to the Africa Twin Enduro style...
  2. Heated seat.

    I've recently fitted a heated seat pad that santa dropped off for Xmas. I must say, I'm impressed, it was a touch under £40 delivered from the 'bay, so about the same price as mid range heated grips. It comes with the self adhesive heated pad, a load of wiring (most of which was chopped out &...
  3. First Ride - First Weekend 2015 Sat 3rd Jan North West

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi Guys. It's been a while :) was James691 but for the life of me I can't recall what my password was or even what email address I had at the time! Not sure if any on here would remember me or if everyone has moved on - but best to do an intro as I couldn't find the newbie section :)...
  4. First long run on the Vara - couple of questions / observations

    I've had my XL1000 for a couple of weeks now (see 'side stand length' thread) and on Saturday did my first decent run on it - a 400-mile round trip, motorways and A-roads. I do this trip regularly (and have done for years) so it shows up the differences between bikes. First thing - this bike is...
  5. For Sale: Carbon fibre RD04 panels

    For Sale / Wanted
    Not for sale yet Would there be much interest in getting some copies of RD04 panels made from Carbon fibre? These would replace existing panels but be much harder wearing. I'd need to send off my panels to be used as moulds and they'd be destroyed in the process (so if anyone has any un-used...
  6. Saddle sore

    Hi, Just got back from my first trip away on my Varadero, we did 1200 miles over 7 days around Europe taking in Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, France and Belgium. I have toured a lot over the last few years on a BMW RT, Triumph Trophy and a Tiger 885, over treble the mileage on some trips but I...
  7. Help with my AT needed please

    Africa Twin
    Hi All A few months ago while out and about I stopped in a laybay for a smoke, when I tryed to restart the bike it tryed but then just clicked like the battery was flat, I ended up bumping it, I had to bump it all that day. I got back inspected the battery and the previous owner had scribed a...
  8. A story, a few too many, a very long run and a good cause

    Well boys and girls, I have completely lost my marbles, (yes yes I know, I never really had any given to me) Any way, I am going to start with a little story. In 2006 I dislocated my patella, before that I had been a fairly fit person spending lots of time running up and down mountains with my...
  9. El cheapo Airhawk solution

    Africa Twin
    Before I continue it has to be said that I have been accused of putting the "Poor" in Pooratech. Just refer to my solution to the problem with the gear lever and shaft.... Anyway, we've just came back from a 1,940mile / 3,123km trip through Europe. I did it on my AT which as you know is not...
  10. Give Blood - before you need it!

    Aimed mainly at the Brits, but 'mercans could do with sorting their act out on this one too There are medical advances all the time and whole blood is being used less than it used to be and perhaps one day there will be a safe substitute, but, for the time being at least this is not the case...
  11. New Africa twin seat!

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I have just got my new bespoke made AT seat back and it is better than i thought is was going to be! I had a silver and black seat made to replace a Honda non slip seat that was on the bike. The seat is a completely new made seat with thick GRP base which was made to fit the 07 AT...
  12. Sheep skin

    If I was to buy an old sheep skin coat off of ebay for example and cut it up, would this be suitable to park my backside on for more comfort as a lot of you seem to do? Ladies Sheep Skin Jacket | eBay UK
  13. For Sale: Aim for the Horizon

    For Sale / Wanted
    For Sale. The much anticipated DVD of ' Aim for the Horizon'. The programme that follows Dean as he is taken on a journey from test centre to the top of the pyrenees by his friend Rob and in between buys and rebuilds his Africa Twin. A true documentary about getting off your backside and...
  14. Hola from BCN

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Well, I've lurked on here a bit and, now that I've finally bought a TA, I thought I'd say hello. Got an '06 Transalp on Saturday afternoon with 3,600 miles on the clock. By yesterday morning that was up to a touch over 5,000 miles and my backside was demanding a rest (did Reims to Barcelona...
  15. First trip

    Africa Twin
    Spent a few hours riding today and my backside knows about it!!!!!!! I recently purchase my @ after looking for 1 for 3 months, i changed from sportsbikes to endurance machines after riding a F650 BMW. I did 450 miles in a day on the BMW and it felt great but i wanted something a little bigger...
  16. advice on seat for my 1998 AT

    Africa Twin
    Hi need advice on what seat convertions r out there and the best one to get.. After 50 miles my backside is killing me, there is toutech but it seems alot of money for a seat. Does anybody have a seat i can buy, or a old seat i can have gel linned. Thanks karl
  17. Reinstate this judge

    Judge sacked for spray painting teenage graffiti artist's backside
  18. wiped out by car part three

    Africa Twin
    just to let you all know the insurance company finally paid out the full amount on my bike (all the leg work was worth it ) they couldnt argue that it was worth any less. my insurance broker has give me 10 days to get it back to road legal mot standard to keep my fully comp cover should just be...
  19. TRF

    Yesterday I finally got off my backside and joined the TRF, hopefully now i'll have access to all the ROW not only in Wales, but the whole country. Bring it on :blob7:
  20. Tripmaster Mod

    Africa Twin
    Now i cant vouch for whether this works or not, but thought it looked interesting enough to post up. Link to article - General jist is a mod to allow your tripmaster to display your speed in mph/kph. Text of article as follows. Would be good to know if...