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  1. Slr debaffle

    Dominator / FMX
    Set to with the debaffle today. Cut the end off the two baffles so I could get 38mm hole saw in. Cut the baffle out and then welded a 42mm piece of pipe onto the hole so it looks a bit tidier. Gave it all a blast with some black vht paint and she sounds like a good un. Just got to swap the main...
  2. No high revs, help needed.

    Dominator / FMX
    My RD02 dommie refuses to rev high and in top gear won't pull past 65 mph and seems to be too lean and splutter when you open the throttle fully. I'm not sure of what revs this is as I don't have a rev counter fitted, but you can get to 3/4 throttle no worries then it all goes wrong. I'm...
  3. drilling the baffles

    Dominator / FMX
    as any one drilled the baffles on there exhausts and if so there any side affects.and do they sound any better
  4. Overcharging when hot

    Africa Twin
    This problem happened once 2-3 years back but startet hapenning again in september and a few times since then. I have voltmeter installed and connected directly to battery through relay so can monitor voltage always. The problem manifests in the following manner, after driving for a while and...
  5. New Scorpion Pipes

    I've just had my first ride with my new Scorpion pipes fitted. It was only a local tootle about with a few short dual carriageways. I loved the sound of them in my garage with the baffles in so I thought for my first ride i'd take them out. “Ay caramba!” that is one hell of a growl. I don't...
  6. Highest top speed you've seen on your SLR/FX

    Dominator / FMX
    On the bike with the snorkel out, 15t front sprocket, baffles removed and 175 main jet I saw 103MPH on the speedo yesterday. Yes I know that indicated doesn't mean actual but it'll do for me. The engine was turning just over 6000RPM, it wouldn't rev out in 5th. I was tucked in as tight as...
  7. For Sale: Africa Twin alu radiator grills + brackets for secondary cooling fan

    For Sale / Wanted
    The parts will fit RD03. RD04 and RD07/a radiators. Protect your radiator with these lightweight anodized aluminum grills. You can transfer the rubber flaps from your old grills. Basic kit (without side baffles that keep air from escaping thru the sides). $60.00cad + shipping Kit with...
  8. Get your Snorkel Out!

    Dominator / FMX
    I've posted on here many times about the transformation that can be wrought on an FX650 by removing the baffle tubes from the standard silencers and going up to a 15t front sprocket and 175 main jet. I've always eschewed intake modifications because of a long and painful history of Honda bikes...
  9. another new scrambler exhaust , to boldly go

    Dominator / FMX
    been busy making up another exhaust for the constantly evolving scrambler , not quite finished yet but the majority of the fabrication is done , quite pleased with this one , made up a muffler box which has one inlet which splits into two perforated tubes and twin exits linking to two vw beetle...
  10. Wanted: Wanted: MIVV Exhaust Baffles

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hopefully someone may have a pair available as I really want to avoid ordering from a dealer if possible. The exhaust baffles are for a 56 KTM 950 SM PM me
  11. new test rules/help?

    hi guys/gals just a little help needed as im saving up to do my test and just want to know what i will be able to go for as ive looked allover google and it baffles my head with these new rules. im 21 and have been riding on a cbt for 4 years now as i couldent afford to take my test at the...
  12. Honda XL 125RF 1986

    Hi guys, I have recently restored an 30 year old Honda XL 125R The engine is a 125SE and I have been experiancing lack of power when at the top two gears. I understand the bikes gear box is lowwer than other model of bikes out today but the bike doesn't want to rev at a high gear. The most...
  13. Sold: XTZ660 Tenere

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I fancy a mid weight 4 Cylinder bike again, so i've decided to sell my Ten' It's a 1992 3YF model with 70810 Kilometres (44256 miles) on the Clock. I have removed most of the aftermarket kit to sell seperately. This includes; Renthal 613 Bars (silver) Pannier frame Rails Centre Stand Much...
  14. normal spark plug colour?

    Dominator / FMX
    hola, after a fairly long trip(for me, 4500-5000rpm fairly constant, mountain road approxx 2hrs) i thought i'd just pop the plug out to see if all was well. to my horror, it was whiter than i expected. darker around the insulator but dirty white at the tips. i always believed they should be...
  15. XL700 replacement exhaust

    Well, my TAs been sitting still for 6 weeks due to me suffering from broken fingers and unable to ride it. At last I can ride again but decided to firstly give it a good clean, especially of the rusty exhaust. I'm a bit peeved about the amount of roost that has formed on the bike because...
  16. New Toy

    Couple of pictures of my latest toy Having already owned a 660 Tenere, IMHO the “R” version of the 660 kicks ass. Lighter (easier to pick up without popping a vertebra when you drop it :rolleyes: :D), more flickable and you get than “wind in yer face” effect with it not having a fairing...
  17. Vortip Baffle

    Does anyone have any experience of Vortip baffles in an XR 250. I am told rejetting is not required but the bike does pop and crackle a bit on over run with it in. Does that mean it is too lean or is this normal for Vortips? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Sold: KTM 950/990 Adv/SM/SMR Akrapovic End Cans

    For Sale / Wanted
    Pair of Akrapovics finest exhausts for the KTM Adventurer and Super Moto range, not dents or scratches, used not abused, less than 2500 miles use and complete with removable baffles to keep them road legal when required. One of the 3 sections of a mounting strap cracked and broke off while...
  19. Christmas pressies installed

    Africa Twin
    Hi Long time member of the forum but just recently getting back into using my Africa Twin after being out of the country for a few years. Santa was very kind to me this year and a got a new Arrows Dakar exhaust for my RD04 along with a set of new crash bars from Rugged Roads. I finally managed...
  20. 700 transalp standard exhaust - removing baffles ?

    Excuse my ignorance, is it possible / easy to remove the baffles on the standard exhaust ? If so how? Alternatively, which is the loudest aftermarket exhaust that will fit this bike, to let other road users know that you do actually exist and you are approaching !!!!