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  1. XR Technical Specs
    Hi all,I have a xlr250 baja md22. '92. As far as I know, it's quite close to xr250r, so I asking here.I don't like the auto decomp., so cable cutted. The bike stored for a year. With the usual (to me at least ;) start procedure, I push slowly the kick starter, find a compression, release and...
  2. XR
    Hi All, Does anyone have an XR 250 s fuse box / baja fuse box - part number 38200KCZ003. Photo attached, many thanks in advance
  3. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    So me and linda of to Baja in July finding down plus to more anyone else going or like to go
  4. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi I am looking for an post 1996 XR 250 BAJA ,maybe even just an engine or bottom end . What is out there ?. Thanks
  5. XR
    Hi All, I bought this rack from the US off a company called Cycleracks, I have sold my bike and now need to sell this rack . I'm sure this will be a close fit to other XRs and XLs but it was made to fit a XR250L, I fitted it to my XLR250R Baja with no issues. I will post a link to Cycleracks...
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi to all Community, as my Topic title I am looking for a complete, original and in good conditions set of twin headlights with cage, bracket, original small parts, wiring etc. etc. for the Honda XLR250 Baja. Anything you could arrange? I've attached some pic for what exactly I want to find...
  7. XR
    For Sale: 1991 Honda XLR 250R BAJA 250 The Original Kick Start Model. Built Proof Air Cooled Single Cylinder Engine. A Lot Of Work Done. In Original Condition. Full Service Less then 1000Km Ago. Heidenau K60 Scout Tyres Fitted 1000km Ago. Stored In Doors And Only Driven On Dry Would...
  8. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi to all Community!!! As title, I'm really interested to buy one Honda XR Baja Twin Headlights as pics below in good work and aesthetic conditions. Please: NO "STRATOSPHERIC" REQUEST, I'm simply Worker!!! Please, If someone want to sell this OEM spare part, reply to this post or PM me...
  9. XL
    Hi All, I know this is a common issue with these bikes, I would however appreciate some thoughts on the following. Mine is a 1990 xlr fitted with the single Keihin carb. The issue is it starts fine, but if you try and rev it briskly it dies. If you slightly put the choke on, it works fine. I...
  10. XR Technical Specs
    Hello, Is it possible to re-bore the MD30 engine on a 1998 Baja please or is the cylinder plated? Thanks LT
  11. XR
    Hello All. The bike i have is a 1991 Honda XLR250R, BAJA, MD22 For a while i have been looking for a exhaust for my XLR and cant find any sites that do them.. Will an exhaust from any other Honda fit my bike without modification? maybe the XR250 or xl200...? My bike is more or less original...
  12. XR
    This sits behind the headlamps on a xr250 baja,does anyone know what its for?
  13. For Sale / Wanted
    Baja twin headlights complete set with cage, new or second-hand.
  14. XR
    Hi, I'm looking for a complete set of Honda XR250 Baja twin headlights. Anyone has a set for sale?
  15. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Just bought myself a 1990 XL250 Baja. From what I can find online it seems to be a Japanese only model. My intention is to try and renovate back to standard. At some time in the past the twin headlights have been swapped for a single, which in my opinion does look better, but if I can source a...
  16. XR
    I got one and can't figure out how the headlight lenses are held in place. I'm missing something, any closeup pics or anyone who knows what the parts are like that I need, please help, thanks.
  17. XR
    Has anyone fitted electric start engine or bottom end from L or Baja model into the 96 on Honda xr 250. I have a little used 03 xr250 and and had knee surgery recently Has anyone seen one of these bikes in a breakers recently,CRf or wr is not the answer I know there lighter faster but I'm as an...
  18. Africa Twin
    Ordered one of these for high fender conv.. ...acerbis front fender supports. Not seen them for sale often so when I did pressed the button but the one I ordered is gold colour. I'm thinking of fitting a high front fender to my AT but not decided on which type yet..acerbis/Baja/KTM or one of...
  19. XR
    hi folks im asking will a xr 400, xr 250 standard exhaust fit a 1992 baja 250??? im not sure if the std baja header pipes are the same diameter as the back box off a newer bike or the brackets will be in the same location.. basically im after a cheap replacement,, cheers
  20. XR
    As well as an 87 XR250R, I have acquired a 1991 XR250L Baja, I believe it was an offical UK import but stand to be corrected (proper twin headlight, large fuel tank one). I bought as a box of bits which ive been (slowly) building up. My problem is I appear to have some electrical bits missing...
1-20 of 45 Results