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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    New, made from 2mm mild steel & satin black powder coated. Supplied with stainless fixings & 1 x 1" Ram Ball, but will accept upto 3. £50 including UK Mainland postage
  2. Dominator / FMX
    Post here your highest miles RFVC bike, this can include NX, FX, SLR, XL etc. I'll start the ball rolling with my very low miles bikes: 4051, 11000, 9000, 6000
  3. XL
    Can anyone advise where to source new crank and gearbox ball bearings for the XL500 range. In particular those with the grooved outer race that locate in the casings.
  4. Africa Twin
    Hello guys quick question. My front got loose yoke. I decided to change bearings for my rd04. Bought new ones but they aren't ball bearings like in my bike but in description was exactly to fit my bike. Do they really fit?
  5. Dominator / FMX
    Hi, Does anyone have the sizes for tapered roller bearings if I want to upgrade mine from the ball bearings?
  6. Transalp
    Hi all! Clutch lever freeplay at the ball-end of lever must be between 10-20mm. Two questions: 1) Is this distance measured with steering head in centre position, pointing to right (increase in free play) or point to left (decrease in free play)? 2) Is this distance measure when engine has...
  7. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Advertising this for a work colleague KTM LC4 640cc 52 plate nice clean Bike many receipts upgraded Suspension £1850 ono with 12 Months MOT or can be sold without MOT. Photobucket isn't playing Ball so please PM me for more info if interested. Thanks Mart
  8. Chatter
    I can see that work will be interrupted again by that silly ball... Again!!!! :D Sent from my Tablet with a cra* keyboard, which is my excuse for the typo errors!!
  9. Chatter
    and this is what i have seen I reckon not long from now this wil be Jason and Harvey
  10. Dominator / FMX
    They might be Showa Forks on the FX but dont think much of the spring and spacers: Wirth's fitted, along with Taper Head bearings to replace the sad looking ball races
  11. Chatter
    I never realised how bad for your health it can be ! BBC News - Brazil referee decapitated after stabbing player
  12. Chatter
    I am not a big football fan but I watched the last 30 mins of the England game tonight. England won 8-0, which is great but it was against a team of amateur part timers who are ranked equal bottom of the international teams. 8-0!! it should have been 80-0. Yet the pundits are all slapping...
  13. Bodgers Corner
    I've had no work this week, but to occupy myself, I prurchased something on eBay, which arrived this morning. A fibreglass repair kit..... wooohooooo, I've never worked with this stuff, and I'm having a ball, making a mess, and stinking the place out!! One added advantage is, I'm as high as a...
  14. Chatter
    Paintball led to ball pain for groom-to-be | This is Sussex
  15. Africa Twin
    Ok so im changing out the ball bearing headstock bearing for the bigger tapered ones , so what torque should i use ? Also was in a huge rainstorm last night at the Ace Cafe and since that the indicators only light up but dont flash any ideas ? :thumbup:
  16. Chatter
    Our PVR box is playing up and the cheapest way to get the latest whizz bang version is to take either Sky Sports 1 or 2 for one month and they will send us a new box. We can then cancel and keep the box with just the basic channels. Question is which is the better (or more diverse) channel. We...
  17. Chatter
  18. Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    I used thier ebay shop to order something late afternoon Thursday (16:00). It arrived Friday (10:45). Bloody great service, well packaged too and they were helpul when asked a question. Can't recommend their online service enough :thumbright:
1-18 of 20 Results