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  1. BA20D (Non-H4) HID Conversion Kit with Electrical Ballasts

    Africa Twin
    XRV Forum Members: Hello and happy holidays! I am writing to learn of the availability of a HID conversion kit for my 1991 Italian XRV750 RD04 with BA20D bulbs or lamps. The current bulb is stamped with HERT4 12V35/35W. Since the American websites for Amazon, ebay and Google, do not...
  2. Trip meter "rebooting"

    Africa Twin
    My trip meter is acting a little weird as of lately. I could not pin point it, but this morning i discovered that It would only reboot with my dual beam HID kit on, when I start the bike. If they are off, it holds time and has no problem. I doubt its a power thing, but what are the ods of the...
  3. Baono Headlight in rallyish farring

    Africa Twin
    Okay so the as you know i am planning on rebuilding Anubis after the big trip and part of this is I need a new front faring. No question there (lots of little damaged spots / cracks/ scraps really make is not worth fixing. So i will replace it BUT I am not sure which way to go yet. Stock, fully...
  4. Xenon on RD07!

    Africa Twin
    Have anybody installed Xenon bulbs on Africa? I DID! :) A couple days ago I bought a pair of some Chinese made H4 bi-xenons. The sticker on the box says that it is 6000K, so it gives very bright white light. The transformation by electronic means was pretty easy. The biggest problem was where...
  5. HID Conversions (again...?)

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I've been looking at HID kits over the last few weeks, my mate and me are looking to upgrade. I've read the other threads and looked at the links although some of the links didn't work. So..... I got some 50W H7s for the car from but when they...
  6. HID conversion for transalp

    Mechanical Advice
    Right you techie people out there (kymmy especially) Ive been toying with the idea of converting the Alp to Hid for a while now and been watching some kits on ebay for ages. What struck me was why was it £70 + for a bike conversion kit and only 40-100 quid for a car conversion kit. The bike kit...
  7. Bi Xenon HID conversion. Top banana.

    Just fitted a ninety quid HID kit to My Vara. It took half a day or so to fit and was a bit of a squeeze to get the ballasts in (the instructions where pants) but it all went together pretty neatly. I was a bit worried what the pattern would be like but it's not too bad at all. Bit of stray...
  8. HID conversion for the @

    Africa Twin
    Well after a lot of problems I have finally got it done, HID ed my @, This conversion was one of the most problematic I have done, everything was difficult, Had to make some very fancy brackets to hang the ballasts on using a water jet...
  9. HID Headlight Conversion

    Africa Twin
    Just fitted 2 to my @, the standard set-up with uprated lamps is pretty impressive, but these babies are something else :D, a bit tricky finding somewhere to fit the ballasts, as I've already got a fair bit of kit fit behind the lights. I'll post some pics when I get chance. Anybody else...