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  1. multi-bike european roadside recovery?

    Just done insurance quotes for 2 @'s, Nash £440!!! all inc helmet, euro-cover, euro breakdown etc etc, Hastings...... could do both seperately for £260, multibike £164, But... no breakdown cover... not even uk could be offered. Anyone got a seperate multi-bike European roadside recovery, AA...
  2. Powder coating... Ballpark prices

    Africa Twin
    Any ideas on prices, frame, rear shock, engine mounts, side-stand, front peg hangers. If so, are they special rates for you, are the frame holes bunged, treated with anything before coated? cheers.
  3. Should I buy another Yamaha

    Musical instrument that is. My son is looking for a bass guitar to supplement his 6 string job. Now I'm a great fan of Yamaha brass and woodwind instruments but what are the bass guitars like. Budget isn't a lot but the Yamaha RBX170 at 160ish is in the ballpark. Any of you guitar heroes care...
  4. TTR value

    Firstly - mods, dont shout at me :( I'm putting this here as I KNOW the kids dont have access to chatter, but cant remember if they have access to the Other Bikes forum or For Sale and I dont want them reading this. I've got a TTr250 05 reg, something like 1600 miles on the clock. Good all...
  5. Sheds and stuff

    Recently moved house and was looking at having a brick/block built shed put up at the end of my garden to store my various skis, boards, bits and bobs, tools and possible even squeeze in my greenlaner. The garden is narrow, but I could fit a 12' wide "shed" across the back, effectively...
  6. quick opinion required

    Please dont move this thread to the for sale or auction as I am only thinking about selling. can anyone give me a ballpark figure of the value of my @. its a 96 07 with 18k on the clock. comes with oxford heated grips(ones with the button control not the old twist jobbie), engine bars(not...
  7. Fuel economy revisited

    There has been of late a lot of interest in what john [wheeliebin] phil [piguglyshandydrinker] and myself have been upto with regards to improving the transalp fueling for better economy. A year on and we are probably as close to a final definitive answer as we are going to get. For people that...