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  2. prospective owner

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Good day one and all. I currently have 2 bikes one for the road and the other for trail riding, ST1100AW and a Yamaha WR250F, and am seriously thinking of getting rid and getting an RD07. The plan is for some long distance rough trail riding over to Europe, British exit be dammed, which I...
  3. For Sale: Rothmans Honda Banner/Flag

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm having a bit of a clear out in the loft and found this, It's a Rothmans Honda Flag/Banner, great for all you Dakar fans. It would look great hung up in a garage or something like that. It's pretty big, 255cms x120cms and is made of a silky type of material. There are a few very small...
  4. RIAT 2015 RAF Fairford 17th - 19th July

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi Peeps Royal International Air Tattoo Fri 17th -Sun 19th July RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire I go to this each year and we camp on the top field where the professional photographers pitch up to take pictures Good craic - beers, BBQ, bombers, banter I have reserved 4 pitches £240 and there...
  5. That advert from our Chinese sponsors explained...

    The banner ad has been appearing in IE for me, both at work and at home, for weeks now and I simply HAD to know what they were selling... ;) Google Translate comes up with something like: "Run Suo Yu & T. & T. Rui Rui Tougai tumultuous melancholy luster of gems  Min Shan Shui Dong Su Jiemei...
  6. Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    Vietnam Motorbike Tours might be one of the best adventure tours I have tasted so much. Geographically, Vietnam Northern Motorbike Tours including Vietnam Northeast Motorbike Tours or Vietnam Northwest Motorbike Tours cover all destinations such as Mai Chau (Hoa Binh), Phu Yen (Son La), Dien...
  7. Brent council banning motorcycles

    From Visordown - Brent council introduce motorcycle ban. Now I've never been to the Ace Cafe, but is the behaviour of motorcyclists so bad in the area that Brent council are justified in this action? I rather doubt it myself. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely...
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    Discounts / Deals
    25% Off Everything at Opie Oils Enter Voucher Code MAYHEM and get 25% Off all products we stock from all these top brands: Amsoil, ArmorAll, Astonish, Bilt Hamber, Castrol, Denso, Dodo Juice, Farecla, Ferodo, Fuchs, Gulf, K&N, Laser, Mahle, Meguiars, MER, Michelin, Millers Oils, Millers...
  9. The Build Film

    Bodgers Corner
    The Build Film
  10. Evening Ladies and Gentlemen.

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hello All, I am about to become the proud owner of a 2005 Transalp in silver, and am hoping to get myself out there on some more adventurous rides than the run of the mill stuff. I look forward to the banter and useful info you kind peeps will be able to throw my way. Regards, Lee 41 Romford...
  11. Xrv 2013 photo competition now open

    XRV 2013 photo competition now open A sub-board has now been set up under the Charity board for our 2013 photo competition (winning photos to be used to produce our 2014 calendar) I have started 2 threads: - one for guidlines about the competition and how to enter. Use this to ask questions...
  12. Post your photo competition entries

    Charity Calendar
    Please use this thread to post your photos for the 2014 calendar competition. (see instructions how to do this in the "guidelines" thread). Please do not use this board for general discussion / banter - it is just for photos
  13. Driving bans

    What's the longest driving ban that you've come across? I certainly don't recall any long driving bans being handed out in the UK. Well, one young lad that lost control of his car and killed a 15 year old girl, who was a passenger in the back seat, has been given a 3 year sentence and a 20 year...
  14. Wheel Oil

    Wheel Oil Beef Hooked "Now it appears BMW is in the final process of selling Husqvarna to KTM; itself owned by the massive Indian firm Bajaj." Quote from MCN never heard of Bajaj so I googled them Kawasaki Ninjas :eek: KTM:eek: :eek:and maybe soon Husqvarna Not doing too bad for a "tuk tuk"...
  15. Footballer kills biker, escapes prison/fine

    A six-month suspended sentence, 300 hours community service and two-year ban for killing a biker when he fell asleep at the wheel of his car. Former soccer star admits killing biker - Local News - Hastings and St. Leonards Observer
  16. E petitions

    Just a few weird and random from the e-petition website. from some of the most retarded numpties in the country I:E reclassify all BMW motorcycles as cars because they are so big Legally classify all BMW motorcycles as cars - e-petitions Make it an offence to mock riders of small motorcycles...
  17. Should umbrella users be treated like bikers?

    After trying to walk in London in the rain yesterday I propose a new legislative programme: Nobody be allowed an umbrella without first taking a theory and practical test. All newly qualified umbrella users to have the size of their umbrella restricted for the first two years. Anyone accused...
  18. James Bond Now rides a Honda

    If you need to launch a new model or get good press for an exhisting model there's no better way than to get James bond to test ride it for you. Honda is proud to join the elite Bond vehicles with the CRF250R | eNews | News | Honda (UK)
  19. It rained last night

    Now before you guys from down south start to complain about fekin rain...... It rained last night on Skye :( I say this because it hasn't done so for the last 5 weeks. a bloody record I can tell you. I've worked on the west for a few years off and on and I think it's the only time that I...
  20. Hosepipe ban

    Been debating with Thames Water on Twitter today and they have suddenly gone silent - I think I have found a way round the ban. There is an Exemption for businesses that clean your car (or motorcycle) for you So I suggested I pay my son to clean my bike, or even pay myself as a business...