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  1. AfricaTwin club on a rock concert for Rory Gallagher

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Saturday night we had the pleasure to watch a live concert for Rory Gallagher from the band of friends. Great rock music along with great performance
  2. Kevlar I an idiot

    I think I am an Kevlar jeans have an elastic band at the bottom of the leg. I tried putting them round e heel of my boots but the elastic keeps catching on my foot pegs, side stand etc. is it me or are you meant to wear bike jeans on the inside of your boots....don't like that look at...
  3. It was 20 years ago today...

    Sergeant Pepper told the band to play... ;) and I found these old pics of me DTR125 recently, posting just for nostalgia's sake really; loved this bike :)
  4. Toseland

    JT as he's never been seen before
  5. Livewire ACDC Kendal Sat 16th March

    Top tribute band oops north in Kendal next weekend. Will be there with Deano and Steve if anyone fancies joining us for a beer?
  6. Rim Tape

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Do i need these in my tyres? they got lost when were sent out for truing after a rebuilt and i get new tyres and tubes fitted. now thinking i prob should take tyres off and fit the rubber band around spoke nipples
  7. so why weren't we at the national?

    well I can tell you all now as I was sworn to secrecy until today. Ruth was doing her training for her Mod 1 the weekend of the national and passed on the Monday AND, she's just passed her Mod 2 :D we've got a nice little BMW F650CS (the one with the elastic band drive) in the garage for her...
  8. Home safe - Bootiful

    National Meets
    Home, van unpacked and returned (just shy of £100 in diesel). Great campsite. Great fires, Great band last night (who was that John Travolta fella?;)) and more than 70 XRVers in one place.Who coudl ask formore. And a great tribute to Lowflier and absent friends. Big thanks to East Coast...
  9. Latest Norwegian Boy Band

    These guys, BOY ON WHEELS, are famous in Norway, the lead singer is also part of a famous comedy show. Kymmy :cool: