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  1. Brent council banning motorcycles

    From Visordown - Brent council introduce motorcycle ban. Now I've never been to the Ace Cafe, but is the behaviour of motorcyclists so bad in the area that Brent council are justified in this action? I rather doubt it myself. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely...
  2. Complaint about Galloway Activity Centre 2013

    Austin's Adventures
    This is what I said... Hi Kieran and Laura, I thought you might appreciate some honest feedback following our weekend camping at GAC. I am sorry to have to say we were disappointed overall and you failed to live up to your usual standard. The confusion over booking bunks in the...
  3. Peak District protest 25 Jan

    Got this from TRF: The location is: Peak District National Park Authority Head Office: Peak District National Park Authority
  4. Salisbury Plain Traffic Regulation Orders

    Please see the following and respond if you can. These lanes are slap bang in the middle of quite a few runs across the Plain. Dear Members and past Members we need your support, Wiltshire CC propose to close a number of BOATS around Stonehenge to motorised vehicles, notices have been posted...
  5. Urgent Action Needed

    From the TRF website... The part that needs your objection is on page 98 of the pdf. If everyone could write just a brief email saying that you object to the expressions used within Table 7.2.2 that would be useful. You could just say 'Please remove the first item from Table 7.2.2"...
  6. HUMM 2008

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A few folk from this forum made the trip to the Pyrenees a couple of weeks ago for the Horizon's Unlimited Mountain Madness. Matt and I made a week of it, taking in a few days trail riding before the HUMM, and visiting the Millau viaduct on the way home. As ever these trips begin with a ferry...
  7. Bad roads with Bike Slicers

    Great Roads/Routes
    Just returned from a few days with my folks up in Cumbria, and was shocked that the new bypass for the south lakes the A590 has bike slicer cable crash barriers fitted, I thought they were banning them, they spent so much on the road re-landscaping everything and having nice Polish builders make...
  8. Speedferries bike ban

    I see that Speedferries is banning bikes from May onwards. They didnt even bother to tell us on their mailing list which I subscribe to. They are as bad as the Pirates they asked for support on.