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  1. Shipping and storing in Barcelona

    Hi, I am planning to ship my bike in Barcelona in June to start from there a loop in the Pyrenees. Does anyone know a trusted place where I can ship my bike to and collect it from there on the Saturday the 18th of June and drop it back there Sunday the 26th of June? I am thinking to look for...
  2. Newby, just about to register UK Vara in Spain!

    Hi all, I am in the process of 'matriculating' my UK registered XL1000v-8 into Spain, where I now live. The local motorcycle dealer says that I will need to change my headlamps to European Ones, at a huge cost. I am not really having this, as to the best of my knowledge, the headlamp beams out...
  3. Casa Batllo

    Casa Batllo

  4. Casa Batllo

    Casa Batllo

  5. Park Guell

    Park Guell

  6. Park Guell

    Park Guell

  7. Candles


  8. Sagrada Familla

    Sagrada Familla

  9. Sagrada Familla

    Sagrada Familla

  10. Vader gets everywhere !!

    I took my wife to Barcelona last week as a birthday suprise and guess who was there.........
  11. Hi from Barcelona!!

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi all! As I said, I'm from Barcelona. I like so much everything which has an engine on it, but particulary oldtimmers. I own a '90 Honda NX650 Dominator and I always thought that this machine could be modified into a 70s style like people from wrenchmonkees do to his bikes, but never know...
  12. Barcelona

    Hoping to book an apartment for a few days in July. Just thought I'd ask in case anyone has one, knows someone with one or has any suggestions. Thanks.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well we,re back and Spain was great!!!! Left home Monday noonish and the weather was great and landed in Foix later afternoon!!!! tryed the wine in the motel, then in to town and found the BLACK STUFF:thumbright::thumbright: only to pay 6.20e a pint:(:(:(
  14. Greetings from Barcelona

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi there, this is a Spanish owner of a 1992 Dominator 650. Bought second hand with 44.000 kms, now it's got 104.000 kms! Greetings to everybody!
  15. Bike freindly accomodation in Barcelona!!

    Hi all - we are going to Barcelona in April - has anyone got any suggestions for places to stay wtih secure parking??? cheap is good.....:angel4:
  16. Bilbao to Barcelona

    So. Inspired by the many pic's on this site of you guys having a good time and harrassing mainland Y`urp (and beyond) on your manly Transalps or that other bike that you hear about on this site from time to time, me and the woman have decided that a road trip is in order. Our plan, such as it...