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  1. For Sale: 650 Transalp seat

    For Sale / Wanted
    Having a bit of a clearout.... Std height 650 Transalp seat, barely used, no cuts or damage. Even the staples underneath aren't rusty. £40 collected WN7 or £50 posted
  2. Stupid question. Width of an RD03 at rear flashers.

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone check the width of their RD03 from outer end of one flasher to the outer end of the other. That's basically barely less than the gap between panniers. And while we are measuring stuff, how wide are the handle bars? TIA Lee
  3. New boots!

    Just got rid of the DEATHwings and plumped for a set of Anakee 2's. Wow what a difference! Got a full tank of gas and hit the first round about. The combination of a full tank and new boots sent me over so fast I could barely recover. And I was being careful!! Schoolboy error! Mind you, it's not...
  4. Best barely road legal knobblya

    Just had fantastic day out on xr near Brecon with the local trf crew. I stupidly swapped my knobblys that came with the bike for metzeler enduro saharas which was a big mistake as I now realise that I will be mainly off road now (I am hooked!) I want to buy the most knobbly tyre I can get which...
  5. weird dommie idle problem

    Dominator / FMX
    just managed to get a vid up on youtube its not great but it makes the sound at 5 and 21 secs hi again folks the last few days ive been having this weird problem were some times my bike wont idle its intermittent but its been...
  6. Speedo & rev counter dies

    Mechanical Advice
    Just back after going to see my auntie 40 miles there 40 miles back. Left from work no issues. Get there and spent a couple hours, back on the bike start her up no issues head home. Stop off 5 miles short of the house to get some fuel, brim her start her up and head home no issues. Get to the...
  7. You don't forget being thrown off, do you?!

    Having replaced the radiators off e-bay (Yes! You read that right! I found some!) and put my Alp back together with some fibreglass to assist with plastics strength, I went for a short ride. The last time I rode it - in October - it threw me across the road and down a pavement. I love this...
  8. uneven rear pad wear and which way round does the pad spring go?

    The rear brake pads on my TA have worn unevenly, and I mean very unevenly. The piston side is nearly worn out, the sliding side is barely worn at all. Pads have done an awful lot miles getting on for 50,000 (the first set did over 50K and still had meat on them when repalced with this set). I...
  9. Starting a DR350

    I know a couple of you here have these kickstart only bikes and wondered what technique you use to start them form cold. Yesterday we spent ages trying to start Adimurp's new toy and eventually had to admit defeat. He has only had it a few days and he's started it before but previously it did...
  10. Bike show, the good and the bad

    Had a good day at the bikeshow today, it was much quieter than I expected which made it quite easy to get around and we were able to get a good look at the bikes we wanted to see, with the exception of the new Triumph but from what I did see of it I wasn't blown away. Had a sit on a few of the...
  11. There aint half some cheeky [email protected][email protected]$

    quote from another forum yesterday
  12. Two go mad in the Scottish Borders - Again.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well you can’t keep a good man down and despite still not quite being in tip top condition the call of the hills lured me out for another afternoon of discovery and adventure. The plan was to investigate an old road that appeared to be a public right of way but according to the shepherd I met...
  13. Sold: Ural Red Star 650, Sussex

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    (First off: Lots more pictures at Ural Red Star 650 - 1999 Ural "Red Star" 650cc (Solo - so no sidecar and solo gearing.) Not run for a while. SORN'd, MOT has expired. Needs some work before it will pass (see below) so it will need to picked up with trailer or van. I...
  14. Am I in trouble?

    Our eldest son was 12 this week. We were talking about what would he like to do with his birthday money - the usual "Spend some and save some? said his Mum. "I think I'll spend the Amazon voucher Aunty Jill and Uncle John sent me, but I'll save the rest", he replied. "That's very grown up of...
  15. Biking community??

    Over the last few weeks as more bikes have been out in London, I have noticed something that is at first uplifting, and then depressing. On four separate occasions I have had other riders - all of them fairly new, all of them who I had just shown my exhaust pipes to, and all of them black -...
  16. XR400 horn and lights

    The horn on my recently acquired XR400 only works when the lights are off. When the lights are on (normal or high-beam) there is an extremely feeble beep that is barely audible, but once the light switch is off, the horn is loud and clear. This is all obviously only while the engine is...
  17. 07 Transalp idle speed and choke use

    Hey, I just bought a 07 Transalp and I'm worried about the idle speed. After a short ride it idles at 1400 just below the 1500 line. If i adjust it to less it idle seems to jump a lot more, not idling smoothly. It also barely wants any choke, most of the time cutting out or not starting with...
  18. Honda painting methodology: Genius

    Africa Twin
    Let's make the frame paint utterly feeble, but give the tank a coat of some sort of diamond/Kevlar/carbon/titanium uber-paint. It just will not die! Nitromors barely touches it. Shrugs off a heat gun on full blast. Wire wheel, scrapes off a tiny portion at a time. Stupidly I left the...
  19. Batteries - expert opinion needed on volts, amps and fried circuits

    Mechanical Advice
    Could some one who really knows this stuff please clarify something for me. Many many times I have used car or van batteries to jump start bikes without a problem yet advice on here and other places is always "dont do it - it will fry your bikes electrics coz its got too many amps". In my...
  20. Vertically challenged AT Owners

    Africa Twin
    I'm wondering how many @ owners need platform shoes to mount their bike. I know I do. My 29 inch inseam is more like 28.5 and with boots I can just barely touch with the toes of my feet. This is the tallest bike I've ever had and with the top case on swinging a leg over is a bit of a...