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  1. Black Friday Bargains !

    Pssst ! Motorcycle Luggage & Accessories | Bykebitz 20% off at checkout using code BF16
  2. Bargains abroad

    Dominator / FMX
    He what do you guys think? Is this a deal or what. ?S????-?x?W NO.1 ?????? or ?S????-?x?W NO.1 ?????? I am in Taipei and an expat mate told me to check out this site. TW version of fleabay
  3. Bargain Busting Gear- get your diaries out!

    Chatter read the marketing blurb...I can just see us all having to beat back the swathes of Harley riders eyeing up the bargains!
  4. Bike bargains to be had?

    There's a bike auction this Friday - perhaps the biggest of the year. BCA's Easter bike auction has 200 bikes,125 from Black Horse |
  5. Comet closing down sale

    Went to the last day of sale at Comet. Felt really really sorry for the guys at the counter :( However, some cracking deals on most items 80% off Tom tom's down to £50 Best hurry up guys, there are bargains to be had.
  6. gps bargains

    Discounts / Deals
    Anybody want a NEW zumo 660 for less than £200 check this out Garmin zumo 660 Motorcycle Navigator - €198.00 :
  7. Discount - Oil

    Discounts / Deals
    We have been in contact with a company called Opie Oils. When you sign up in their account, select from the drop down menu of which club/forum you belong to and you will receive up to 17.5% discount on your oils. Looking at the oil we use on our bikes, even with postage there is a...
  8. ALDI Motorcycle bargains

    Discounts / Deals Tomorrow... Thursday 22nd
  9. Lidls Motorcycling Bargains

    Discounts / Deals
    Lidls have a motorcycling sale on.
  10. lidl cheap bargains

    Mechanical Advice
    580pc nuts/bolts/washers @ £3.99 42pc screwdriver set @£4.99 2450pc nail set @£1.49 100 rivets +rivet gun @£2.99 duct tape @ £1.49 + all other kinds of things to put in your shed too cheap to miss cheers darren
  11. GPS Bargains II

    Damn as predicted not to long ago the 2610 has gone on sale for £299 :roll: GPSW 2610 sale For sale going cheap not been used SPIII....... :lol:
  12. GPS Bargains??

    Toying with the idea of picking up a SatNav for the bike. Seen quite alot around, very few designed specifically for motorbikes. The Tom Tom Rider is stil about £350. (outside my budget still, which is tops £250) Some Motorcycle GPS stuff here...
  13. Bargains!

    Africa Twin
    Just thought I'd let you into a couple of good deals. My winter jacket finally gave up on me so I was in the market for a new one. At the bike show a couple of years ago I saw the Arlen Ness stand & was well impressed with their kit. Just got a new jacket , the Explorer, what a bloody good...