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  1. XL
    does anyone know if a 83 xl250r cylinder and piston off a md03e engine will fit my 78 xl250s and could i use the 78 head on it
  2. Transalp
    Just wondering whether anyone knows of a suitable source for replacement barrel lock for my Honda Topbox on my Transalp XL700? The one on at the moment is getting more and more fiddly to open every day and is only a matter of time before it refuses to open. The OE replacement lock set is Honda...
  3. Africa Twin
    Had a bit of a nightmare yesterday after installing new pistons reassembling the heads and getting the engine back in the frame quite nicely disaster struck. When torquing down the small 6mm bolt in the cylinder head it snapped like a bit of cheese. As usual this was the last bolt. To fit a...
  4. Varadero
    hello, My friend and neighbor only had one key for his xl125v 2002 and has lost it,he has searched everywhere but no luck,he has a very active toddler who may have chucked it,anyway can anyone tell me where the key number is located on this model,would it be on the inside of the petrol cap?under...
  5. Africa Twin
    Hi all! My bike is leaking coolant from the little joining pipe between the 2 barrels - can it be fixed in situ, or is an engine out job? Usually Google is my friend, but I need help in a hurry!thanks for any / all replies TA!
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all My XR blew up in Southern Spain, I managed to get it back but I need a new engine really. Would be interested if anyone has a whole one or bits such as barrel, piston, left crankcase. Im in Hampshire but happy to travel or pay postage Pics and story at Ben
  7. XR Technical Specs
    Hi. Having had the piston disintegrate into the engine on my 2004 XR400 I am now looking at a fairly major rebuild. I am ok with that but I was wondering if all the XR400 engines are the same? It certainly would make finding all the parts easier. At this time I need a new barrel, 4 valves...
  8. XL
    my barrel on my xl500s is now at maximum rebore at 1mm oversize and is now so worn that i need to either reline or get a barrel that can still be rebored...will the xl500r barrel fit an xl500s
  9. For Sale / Wanted
    need a cylinder barrel for my xl500s as mine is bored out to 1mm over and is now scrap so i need to either get it relined or get a barrel that i can get rebored to either 0.25 or 0.50
  10. XR
    I have an xr200 with electric start. Question do I need an ignition barrel as well or can i bypass this? New to motorbikes sorry if this is a bit of a basic question. Thanks in advance fro any help offered
  11. For Sale / Wanted
    Does anyone have a 100mm barrel that would fit my xr600r I have managed to have 3 threads let go in the last week, 2 while riding and 1 while torqueing to the specified 21 ft/lbs I did get a spare barrel but it had suffered the same fate. local bike shop not keen on trying a repair as the...
  12. Africa Twin
    hi guys. i have a 1998 africa twin and the original exhaust is leaking so i would like to put a race can on it to hear the proper sound of the v twin. a friend gave me a can off a vfr 400, would it suit as i dont want it to effect its performance. also i need a barrel for one of the front forks...
  13. XR
    I'm about to have my XR frame powder coated and need to remove the steering lock barrel from the frame. I don't have the original key but do have a new lock to replace it with. Short of drilling the lock out, is there any way of removing the lock?
  14. For Sale / Wanted
    Hoping someone can help as unfortunately 'she' developed a taste for piston rings and has left me up the creek. If anyone can help out with barrel & piston or even consider an entire engine - any help appreciated. thanks
  15. Africa Twin
    XRV650 ignition switch XRV750 I am doing up my 1988 XRV 650 and the steering lock has been 'removed' out of the combined ignition switch/steering lock. The ignition switch still works. Is there a steering lock replacement 'barrel' or do I need a new switch. I have seen replica switches for the...
  16. XR
    Ok guys 4 questions for you 1/ what is is 2/what does it do 3/ can I get rid of it 4/how do I remove I will start with a clue its mounted left side under the front of the Tank. it has 2 tubes that bolt into the barrel and some more that disappear towards the air box.
  17. Africa Twin
    Ordered a new stator from electrex world. The bike is a v plate 99 model RD07a they supplied a G07 stator, when I questioned them about it because it is 18mm & mine is nearly 28mm they said no it's defiantly right. Phoned again and was told the G08 is 28mm but is from an earlier model! Looking...
  18. Cagiva
    :confused: new to forum so here goes... Got the chance to buy elefant 900, 1994. 34000km. Red silver colour scheme with some history. Bikes a bit tatty. Front barrel scored. Asking price £1100. Is this worth it.. Do I don't I buy. Ps how rare are the parts. Thanks
  19. For Sale / Wanted
    Clearing out garage and have drz rear shock with linkage , swinging arm , starter motor , oil pipes and few more bits and bobs , also have barrel with small mark above piston sweep 450cc conversion ??? :thumbright:
  20. Dominator / FMX
    I have this piston and barrel that came with some bits I bought on the underside it is stamped 102m which I assume is the size(big bore 669cc) however the piston crown has 4 valve reliefs does this mean if I fit it will it just bolt on ? I looks and feels as if it has never been used help in...
1-20 of 35 Results