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    reading the local bike "beano" on line of coarse;) Seems the eurocratz are at it interfering again:rolleyes: talking about making crash barriers biker friendly:thumbright: so all that money and congestion replacing the old outdated central reservation [no Indians there] with concrete trash...
  2. Chatter
    Dear All, Being the modest, shy, unassuming lad I am, I would be usually be too modest to inform XRV of the link for this Exceptional Radio event. Click on the link below, if you use the timer at the side of the screen 'Cookingfat' speaks from 02h 02min into the show to 02 10 and the 'Mild...
  3. Riding
    Government Petitions (Against Bike Road tax increase and "Cheesewire" Barriers) There are a couple of petitions that are worth signing namely The 1st is against road tax increases where...
1-3 of 3 Results