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  1. Pan European for tall fat barstard?

    As I'll be working in Austria for the summer, and they tend to frown on people just going offroad on a whim, I'm thinking of something more road biased that can eat up the miles... I've been spoilt working in Turkey and being able to just pick a track and go and explore! I've got all of...
  2. Tiny Turkish Tour Part 2 :-)

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Another lovely day yesterday...apart from the crazy barstard drivers... Kapadokya Bike Tour - YouTube
  3. Got meself an AT today!

    Africa Twin
    :blob5::blob5::cheers: '93 RD07(?) 43,500km Very nice condition. Can't play with it yet as I've got to wait for the Germans to finish partying this week(German Carnival time) to get the paperwork straight, then I'll be over in jolly old (expensive) England for a few days...but should...
  4. My 1st Euro Tour.. Pegaso

    OK been,and now back...didn't go smoothly at all! Here goes. Due to catch the ferry from Rosyth on the Tuesday at 3pm,had the bike all loaded and was happy with the way everything was strapped on,messed around for a bit in the morning and had a shower and stuff getting myself prepared for the...