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  1. SLR, FX, FMX Swing-Arm

    Dominator / FMX
    I’m pretty sure all the above use the same basic frame, so the dimensions i’m after should be the same. Could someone with a Swing-Arm from one of these measure the front pivot width. That would be the outer width, i.e. the width required in the frame and also the inside width, i.e. the width...
  2. The Refurb has begun

    Dominator / FMX
    Just tried to post and lost the thread, here goes the second attempt. Have some good parts to go on Can this be cleaned up in the frame? I really want to keep the engine in the frame. Go gentle on me. I'm no expert, basic tools, small space to work in and a tight budget...
  3. How to remove clutch basket?

    Africa Twin
    I have been trying for two weeks or more to remove the clutch basket, I have tried everything I can think of and nothing is working, I bought a clutch holding tool today and still no luck. Of course I don’t have a impact gun and I’m using basic tools. Also the engine is out of the frame. Has...
  4. xr200 ignition

    I have an xr200 with electric start. Question do I need an ignition barrel as well or can i bypass this? New to motorbikes sorry if this is a bit of a basic question. Thanks in advance fro any help offered
  5. car odb2 scanner recommendation

    car obd2 scanner recommendation I am looking for advice on what car obd2 scanner to buy without breaking the bank. I have a very basic one that does next to nothing but want to get one that covers all vehicles systems inc abs. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Ian.
  6. Crash bungs - a great example of stupid

    Dominator / FMX
    Have a look at this: Honda fmx 650 | eBay See the crash bungs? If the bike goes down on the right it's going to smash the clutch cover and oil filter housing. One of the great things about big singles and these Honda big singles in particular is that the engines are so narrow that you can drop...
  7. Wanted: TTR 250R wanted or other small cylinder bike

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi- I already have a raid & need another one!...or similar style basic bike...possibly upto a 350CC Can anyone point me in the right direction...I have checked on Ebay and a TTR is for sale...but the chap forgot to mention its a non runner in the advert!:rolleyes: Regards rod
  8. The meddling has started.

    Chatter I bet this is the start of it. They won't be happy until the whole of the Highlands is down to 50.
  9. Survey (College Project) - How we influence each other on this forum

    Product Reviews
    Hi everybody, I am in DIT in Dublin and I am doing a research project on how we influence each other on these forums. It's very basic stuff, but the answers will give me a great insight into this. It's 7 multiple choice questions and one comment. It should take 2-4 minutes. There's no brands...
  10. Adventure bike days on Salisbury Plain

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Ladies and Gents, A friend of mine runs a riding school on Salisbury Plain. He focusses mainly on small bikes but is branching out in to Adventure bike days. I joined him on the AT to help out on his first event last weekend and would encourage any of you who are thinking about going off...
  11. extra cam chain tensioner

    Dominator / FMX
    hi guys! i want to insure against cam chain tensioner failure (again) and found this mod. what do you think? i believe this couldn`t do anything bad. please check link below. cheers, Ignas. Basic problem with XR/XL engines (cam chain) on Forums 6th post from top.
  12. Wanted: DSLR

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    HI all, justwondering if anyone is upgrading frome their intro dslr outfits, I used to have a ricoh set up years ago and loved it, but nobody does the old school films these days and to buy new just isn't an option. Anything outthere for about £150? Or am I being too unrealistic, and could I...
  13. Battery charging

    Hi, Quite new to the Varo so just a precaution. Could I charge the battery on the bike all connected or should I disconnect it (using Ctek charger). Does removing the battery lead to resetting any electronic stuff that needs to be adjusted afterwards or similar issue ? Probably basic questions...
  14. AT at Blazing MC's

    Africa Twin
    Always lusted after the AT since I got my test. Been through the CBR6/900, YZF750, GS 1150/1200 Tenere thing and seriously looking for nice basic AT. Does the one at BM Keighley look too good to be true? Advice please on best marque/age and on faults to look for? What cost to replace output...
  15. air tool recommendations

    about to pick up my first air compressor,a hardly used sealey sa1010/3 3hp 100l belt drive,know next to nothing about compressors and even less about air tools at this stage, but think it will prove very useful in the shed/workshop, so anyone got any recommendations for air tools,would like a...
  16. Some basic XR questions

    Hi guys, Sorry if these have been asked before but I am looking for some help around picking bike and have some basic XR questions. I am looking for something that can handle a bit of road work, some green lanes and can be used for some traveling. From what I have read there seem to be few...
  17. Honda CT125 - Wiring loom

    Hi - new to the forum so hello :toothy8: to everyone. I have recently acquired an old Honda CT125 (1983) that has seen better days but I am looking at giving it an overhaul and getting her back on the road. Currently she has no lights, indicators etc. and the wiring loom has been butchered :(...
  18. Where do I go to buy sheet metal in small quantities?

    Mechanical Advice
    Not the music. I know I pop down to Our Price or Woolies for that. No sheet metal or tubes. I want to practice arc welding with the Aldi OkeyCokey 2000 but I simply have no idea of where to even look for smallish bits of sheet metal - to hopefully make a basic bash plate in the fullness of...
  19. Idea - home made chain oiler

    Bodgers Corner
    I'm putting this up as a potential bodge as I haven't taken this any further than having a thunk about it. There are several chain oilers out there from the automatic vacuum operated Scottoiler and it's electrically operated sibling to the manually operated Loobman. And there are bound to be...
  20. Mivv Exhausts on 2001 Varadero 1000?

    Hi, has anyone tried to fit any exhausts from the current model onto the original shape XL1000? I like the sound and shape of the 2003+ Mivv exhausts but due to my basic understanding of any changes I could do with dome XRV visitors expertise. regards Geoff