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  1. Spare ignition key

    Bent my second key when fitting the bagster and key in tanklid ... Where can I get a new basis key for cutting. The ones on eBay look to short for my Transalp 600v r 1995.
  2. WITEC

    It would be fun to find a cheap R1100 and convert it into a real sturdy carb feed Wüstenschiff. WITEC have some nice examples. They also made a gravel road special on the basis of an R1100R
  3. Nitron NTR Xtreme Shock for an RD07 / 07a

    Product Reviews
    The Honda OEM Standard Showa shock – has an 85 nm spring rate, 80mm travel on the piston ( I have been using 55mm of this), no adjustments apart from spring preload for ride height adjustment. The spring rate on any spring remains the same when compressed or unloaded The standard shock is...
  4. Immaculate RD03 sighted in Belgravia London on a regular basis

    Africa Twin
    Have seen an immaculate RD03 near my office in Belgravia London a few times now, would love to know if anyone knows the bike what exhaust is fitted, it sounded superb and brightened up my day behind a desk!
  5. Really? It's the same is it?

    Interesting one this Basically a reporter has been criticised by a viewer for being overweight and setting a bad example. She has then used this 'complaint' as the basis for a piece on bullying. In her piece she likens her obesity to to other reasons that people are often bullied about such...
  6. Biking jeans

    Hi all, In an attempt to make using my new bike on a more regular basis for work, I am considering biking jeans. Hopefully this will just mean slipping on helmet, jacket and gloves and I am away, rather than changing trousers for loathes etc....which can be a phaffff.... Has anyone tried / got...
  7. Derbyshire South Yorks TRF -Anti TRO Protest

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Dear Member, past or present, As you will be aware, Trail Riding is under threat from proposed TROs on 2 primary Peak District routes, Long Causeway (Stanage Edge) and Roych Clough. This is coming from the Peak District National Park Board who are being pressured by a small number of...
  8. TT- R250 or KLX450?????

    Having had the Trials bike sitting in the garage for so long now and only doing a few comps, and not really getting together as a group for practise i'm thinknig of getting rid of the bike and getting another thumper for lanning instead. I want something electric start, or electric and kick...
  9. Replacement battery advice needed - AT

    Hello; a bit of advice needed if anyone has the time - and sorry for cross posting (I posted this a couple of days ago in Africa Twin forum but got no takers :rolleyes: and could really do with some input :blob7:). Looks like the battery on my 2000 AT is breaking down (voltage collapses under...
  10. Replacement Battery for RD07A

    Africa Twin
    Hello; a bit of advice needed if anyone has the time. Looks like the battery on my 2000 AT is breaking down (voltage collapses under load, worse in cold than when warm, been an on/off problem for a month or so and been diagnosed by a friendly and helpful AA man yesterday after going completely...
  11. Italian build quality

    Hello I purchased a new Varadero on June 2011. On inspection it was made in Italy. Since then I have completed 3000 miles I have been experiencing general poor build quality something which I thought I would avoided from purchasing a Honda. - Rust forming on areas of the frame. Parts of the...
  12. FB Coachworks - Jino

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    There's this small little place in a place called Molesey, near Hampton Court (KT8), which specialise in crash repair. I thought this bloke called Jino was worth a mention on the basis that he's totally amazing at paint. A few years back I gave him a XL600V radiator cowl faring in blue to spray...
  13. how many of you home servicers bother to change the fork oil ?

    Dominator / FMX
    just wondered really as I've owned a few bikes over the years but don't think I ever changed the fork oil in any of them . I change the oil in my mtb suspension forks every year but they're subject to being covered in a lot of crap/water on a regular basis.
  14. New CapoNord

    Launched at Piaggio’s dealer meeting in Monte Carlo, the Aprilia Caponord 1200 (AKA the Aprilia Tuareg 1200) has shown its face to the public, and a recognizable face it is. Clearly based on the Dorsoduro 1200 platform, the new Caponord 1200 draws its design cues from the Aprilia RSV4, which...
  15. 9th-19th of June 2012 Northern Germany....Open invite

    Vader's Tours
    IMPORTANT CHANGE OF DATES NOW FROM THE 9TH-19TH OF JUNE Sorry for all the date swopping but I am allowed to take leave in June now and since the weather will be a little warmer in June we go then We will be leaving on sat 9th and make our way to a campsite in Holland,hoping to meet up with...
  16. Motoorcyclist pemitted in London Bus lanes - permanent

    Transport for London (TfL) has announced that following two extensive trials, motorcycles will be able to drive in bus lanes on a permanent basis on the majority of the Capital's Red Routes from 23 January, 2012. Full details Motorcycles to be allowed permanent access to bus lanes | Transport...
  17. For Sale: Klan Heated Jacket and Gloves

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm rationalising all of the my heated gear to one make so the following is for sale. Klan Heated Jacket and gloves. The gloves work intermittently, and I have repaired them before as the wires break where they enter the glove. Effectively I'll throw the gloves in for someone to have a play...
  18. Need help with previous owner of my home

    The house i'm at we've lived at for nearly 8 years now. On a weekly basis i'm getting threatening letters from different dept recovery agencies for debts that the previous owner either had or has still got. Yesterday i opened one by mistake, this morning i phoned the debt agency told them the...
  19. For Vader and J........

    Here is the link for those slightly bright lights on the Wee Wolfcub. :D 600LM CREE LED Light Quad Adventure 4x4 SUV Rally Truck | eBay This is for an auction but I got them on a buy it now basis so you may have to search a bit or Email the seller. :confused: Andy.
  20. Cheapest crossing of Channel?

    Can anyone say what is likely to be the cheapest crossing of the Channel on a "turn up and pay" basis for a bike and rider early next month? Midweek or weekend doesn't matter much :) I am assuming that a bike can be squeezed in easily enough most times though mid-morning is likely to be my...