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    This just in from the Afghan Hereo's web site Wotton Bassett - Mothers Day Ride (The ride of Respect) 2011 We have been inundated with emails and calls, asking when registration will open, hopefully this will clarify, albeit an exact date is still unknown. Here we go again its edging nearer...
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    Just saw the ride at Wootten Bassett on the news - impressive support for the boys and girls in Afghanistan. Wish I participated in the Ride, too far away unfortunately. Nice day for it too. Brian
  3. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Any folks heading up from Cornwall/Devon E.Dorset and want to go as a group? I missed out on registering as they moved the date forward a week or so, but would still like to show my support and join the first bit (happy to head home the long way home, alone. Let us know.
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    Found this on another forum, thought people here might like to know / attend:thumbright: Mothers day charity ride out to RAF Lyneham Afghan Heroes - Charity Supporting British Forces in Afghanistan
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    If this isn't an event worth going to then I'm not sure what is. Fiver a bike is an impressive amount of money for AfghanHeroes if there's a good turnout :thumbright: Secure site to register: Afghan Heroes - Charity Supporting British Forces in Afghanistan Facebook group: Bike Run in...