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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Im Looking for some ideas on where to house all the electrics on my Dommie. I like the idea of manufacturing a tray under the seat, but was curious how everyone else does it. Ive seen some with small batteries lying on their side? i take it you need a seeled unit for this? Any help/guidance...
  2. Transalp
    I have a 2010 XL700VA Transalp, with 28000 miles on the clock, that this morning didn't have enough life in the battery to start it. It hasn't been started in about a week which is the longest it has gone without being used in the short time I have owned it. It took a charge from the Oximiser...
  3. Transalp
    As I was about to head off to the West Coast last week, the battery decided to die on my 2011 Transalp ! Anyway i want to replace it but wondered if anyone has any experience of the new Lithium Batteries and if they are worth the few extra quid and if they can be a direct replacement, like the...
  4. Africa Twin
    Anyone tempted, or uses one on their bike? Experiences or views ?
  5. Accessories
    I stumbled across these the other night Halfords | Ring Luminator Fog Lights, I click and reserved a couple of sets from my local Halfords and they are well worth it,the bulbs would cost a tenner on there own.:thumbup:
  6. Chatter
    When we went to the Elefant rally a few years back our cameras run out of juice very quick. Does anyone know how to prolong batterie life in cold conditions? Cheers Pete
  7. Transalp
    Guys, my battery won't hold a charge and I want to replace it for a sealed unit, I phoned MDS who normally supply me with Yuasa batteries but they say the only ones they have are wider. Can anyone recommend a replacement sealed unit that will go straight in, or are there any easy methods for...
  8. Transalp
    Hi All I've got a 600v E "88" its now had 3 batteries, I've checked and sorted out the wiring, I put on the new battery today and headed out for a ride did about 50miles and the battery was flat! do you think it's the Regulator or rectifier! Any help would be grateful. Many Thanks TTB1 Dan
  9. Chatter
    From today Lidl have their battery charger / conditioner on sale again at £13.99. I've had one for 3 years now and it does everything the much more expensive ones do and more for much less. 6v and 12v batteries, maintenance mode (optimate type thing) and can recover deep discharged batteries...
  10. Bike Comms & Audio
    Has anyone powered the Autocom Easy 7 advance unit from the bike? I was looking on the Autocom site but all the stuff seems to be for newer models. Pehaps if I give them a call they might come up with something to stop it from eating batteries as I listen to music most of the time. Andy.
  11. Mechanical Advice
    Why do batteries run flat in cold weather? :confused:
  12. Mechanical Advice
    This months PB has a small piece about making your own battery from DeWalt Nano Lithium Ion Poly-something batteries from a cordless drill which looked interesting. Found a few other threads on various forums, mostly radio controlled planes, about the same but nothing simple with motorbikes in...
  13. Mechanical Advice
    Hi there i have very recently purchased a 56 plate vara 125cc and was wondering if you could help me, the bike itself is in top condition as it has been sitting unused in a garage for the last 18 months but because of the lack of use the battery is absolutley knackered and wont take a charge (i...
  14. Mechanical Advice
    Can anyone give me the website of a decent place in the UK to get a battery? Looking for a Yuasa or similar for a CRF. Thanks a lot.:thumbright:
  15. Chatter
    Not on my @ but my doorbell. I wired in a second doorbell upstairs in my office and the downstairs one now fries the batteries. Almost as soon as I put them in, one starts leaking acid all over the wall and floor. Why? What have I done?
  16. Africa Twin
    I've been looking at the PC310 but was wondering if any of the bigger ones will fit without to much fuss. Anyone got one fitted?
  17. Africa Twin
    If anyone wants a new battery Yuasa YTX14bs Go to halfords £54.00 and you get £10 voucher back. What a bargin
1-17 of 17 Results