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  1. Tyre pressures when you change tyres?

    I purchased a new 2011 Transalp 4 months ago & have covered just over 7000 miles so have got to know the bike quite well. Original Trailwings wore out at 5k. Had no problems with them but almost all that mileage was during a long dry spell in England. Have now done about 2K on Battlewings and...
  2. Triumph Tiger 800XC review

    The Triumph Tiger 800XC IS an adventure bike. There is no question. It is more than capable off-road and a complete hoot in twisty back country lanes. It has the smoothest gear box and a totally forgiving engine. Whatever gear you happen to be in, if you decide to overtake the car in front...
  3. Triumph 800 XC tyre speed warning

    Triumph has issued a warning to adventure riders not to ride its brand new Tiger XC bike at more than 60mph with knobbly tyres fitted. “We are not satisfied with the bike's handling/stability characteristics above that speed when it is in a fully loaded condition,” it told Not so...
  4. Ooh....Battlewings!

    Just junked my Trailwings at 5000 miles after a rear tyre puncture. Not sorry to see them go - probably the worst tyres I've ever had on a bike. Tried to get a pair of Conti Trial Attacks which I run on my R1200GS but couldn't find any. Settled on Battlewings instead - £200 fitted to wheels inc...
  5. sorry, another tyre request.

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    hi all, sorry about this as im sure your all sick of tyre questions, but im new to the africa twin thing. ive been riding a gs for years and as such have tried lots of tyres so know what works for me, but have no idea on the @. ive searched the forum tyre threads and have seen some good advice...
  6. First Impressions of my 700 TA v V-Strom

    Well, I've had my TA for a week now and done my commute to London from the Island. These are my first impressions - if I'm wrong in any of this, no doubt I'll be corrected! I came from a V-Strom 650 which I had got when I downsized from a series of BM GSs. I'm very fond of V-Stroms and reckon...
  7. BMW F800GS Test Ride

    Test Ride Reports
    I took a test ride on the BMW F800GS on Thursday 23rd July '09. I had the bike for over 2 hours and gave it a run over B roads , A roads , dual carrageways , motorways and town speed stuff. I think most of the modern "adventure" style bikes are grossly overpowered for their intended purpose...
  8. battlewing vs bt45

    Africa Twin
    Hi, i'm looking for some road-orientated tyres. After some reading in forums i have a shortlist of 2 types: -bridgestone battlewing -bridgestone bt45 I prefer the battlewings (just for the looks :thumbleft:), but because i don't drive off-road, i expect the bt45 to be better... Does someone...
  9. 8k Servicing Cost

    I'd like to recommend a dealer for the service I recieved on Saturday when I took my Varadero 1000 ABS in for it's 8k service & a pair of Bridgestone Battlewings (they look great on BTW). As well as the oil & filter change they replaced the rear pads, supplied & fitted the tyres all for £90...