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  1. how to charge a battry

    I bought a 97 Honda XR400R. I wanted to put turn signals on it. it came with a headlight and tail light. I talked to the local honda mech he told me what wire to tap into and how to wire it, i wired in a ac to dc converter got all the lights to work correctly but i cant firgure out how to get...
  2. charging problem

    The battery on my 600v transalp will not hold a charge despite being only 5 weeks old. I try and start the bike in the morning but will not fire due to very weak spark but bike will start no problem when jumped off another battery. Take bike for a ride to charge battery and check with...
  3. Pro-oiler Fitted - pics.

    Ok, so I am almost there. I have fitted that Pro-Oiler ( And here some photos for you ... Haven't connected the battry yet, so hope it works .. The pump and Connector box and Tank were glued in place by using Marine Sikaflex-291, it is supposed to be good for vibrations too...

    Africa Twin
    if i travel longer journeys 40 miles plus the bike cuts out as the battery has lost all power,short journeys are fine.once battry is recharged all ok again,until i do a longer journey.someone mentioned regulator/rectifier ? has anyone else any ideas at all,any help at all would be most...