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  1. Free BBB

    Hi folks , If
  2. For Sale: Varadero parts (Bagster, pads, sprockets, tyre etc)

    For Sale / Wanted
    In readiness for the sale of my Vara, I have for sale the following: Black Bagster/Baglux tank harness, in great overall condition, all straps & buckles intact. Fits all models Sold Used Metz Tourance EXP rear tyre, no punctures Dated 37/12, 3-4mm in the centre. Edit; I have just noticed a...
  3. A Canadian on a French RD03 in France, Spain, Italy and Tunisia.

    Teaser pictures from the ride reports that follows. Some action here. Excuse me for the dust on the lens starting at around 10 minutes :
  4. RD03 Clutch plates

    Africa Twin
    About to order the necessary bits to redo my clutch. In the drawing, am I correct in thinking that I need the following; #6, 22201-MN8-000 or 22201-MN8-700, quantity= 7. #7, 22201-302-010, quantity= 1 #15, 23311-200-000 or 22321-MN8-000, quantity= 7. In summary, 8 friction plates (one of which...
  5. NC700X With Proper Luggage and Accessories

    Other Honda
    Just seen this, the new NC700X Crossover with proper luggage, taller screen and proper bashplate, me likey alot:thumbleft: More image follow the link....ƒzƒ“ƒ_ NC700X �y‘æ42‰ñ“Œ‹žƒ‚�[ƒ^�[ƒVƒ‡�[2011‘¬•ñ�z ’†ŒÃƒoƒCƒN�E�VŽÔŒŸ�õ�@ƒoƒCƒNƒ‰ƒCƒt‰ž‰‡ƒTƒCƒg�I‚a‚a‚a
  6. Works Ténéré

  7. New boy living in france

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi Everybody Been here for 5yrs now and brought our 600 TA with us,did a 800mile run out this summer to the coast and the old girl struggled a little 2 up and fully loaded so we traded her in for a varadero 1000 (big sister) and what a joy twice the bike(do miss the TA for playing)...