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  1. Tyre changer shaft, what is it!?,!??.

    Okay, I hope one of you knows what it is, as I've searched already! Just bought a tyre changer. You know the ones, around £40 one ring above the other with a bead breaker. What in heavens name is the short fat shaft for? The one which only fits in a hole in the handle and with a large cotter...
  2. Motion Pro BeadPro Tire Bead Breaker and Lever Tool Set

    Product Reviews
    I thought long and hard about buying a set of these levers as they are quite expensive but the last time I tried to break the bead on my rear Heidenau K60 using a length of wood wedged under the car tyre it broke and I ended up taking the tyre and wheel to a local car tyre place to use their...
  3. Tyre / mousse changer

    HI All Anyone made a foot operated enduro tyre changer/ bead breaker, they look good but a bit expensive for me to buy new, if any one could let me know how to go about making one I would be very greatfull. The foot operated would make it easier to get levers in with mousses and push the bead...
  4. Rear tyre-gobsmackedness

    Africa Twin
    My current rear tyre was close to minimum tread and seeing next week's weather forecast I thought I'd better put a new one on this weekend. Shoulda done it on Saturday when it was sunny, coulda done it outside then. But I felt too lazy, same yesterday. Today I woke up determined to sort it...
  5. Portable Bead Breaker

    Mechanical Advice
    I had a few pm's from interested parties regarding the picture I posted on the bead breaker so not to hijack the other thread here is some more info. Mods I did not stick this in for sale section even though members are more than welcome to approach me for these should they want some :D...
  6. Bead Breaking, with tyre levers

    Africa Twin
    Top Tip for all you AT pilots (I was going to put this in bike tech, but guess it's really only of use to AT owners, all other off-road bikes have rims that make it easy to change tyres). I have a set of Buzzetti tyre levers bought off ebay which I'm taking with us on our trip (the nice...
  7. Bead Breaker

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Just seen this on ebay Has anyone tried it or something similar? I can'y quite visualise how it works. Dylan
  8. Blantent rip off-Chad

    Mechanical Advice
    Hey any one seen these.. they strike me as a good idea... but a complete rip of at 150USD... So I am thinking of having a go at making my own..:angel5:. I can do all/ most of it.. except for the bar slide lock (no mill) and the actual bead breaker bit... I do not have a welder for the t-piece...
  9. Bent my at....

    Africa Twin
    Bit of target fixation saw me hoofed off after hitting a traffic island...I broke my leg... However all I needed was a plate and seven scews... Bike needs... Front wheel rebuild - well the hub looks okay :) Forks - one is bent although the fork protectors hide a bit. Front cowl Front cowl...
  10. defintive tyre lever list

    OK, so if I wanted to put together a kit for changing tyres/mending punctures, what would people recommend went into it? Basically I don't want to be stuck up a foreign mountain trying to call a breakdown service in a language I can't speak. Neither do I want to wait three hours for the AA when...
  11. Bead Breaker Tools

    I managed to find these two tools and wanted to know if anyone has used either one, especially to break the bead on the rear tire? Comments on which one you think is the better tool would be appreciated also. TyrePliers at 700 Grams Cast iron at 2.3 Kg
  12. Tyre Bead (beed?) Breaker

    Africa Twin
    Hi all Just a question regarding tyre changing. The rear tyre on my @ needs replacing soon. Does anybody know where I can locate a bead breaker as last time I couldn't get the tyre off, I looked on the M&P website but couldn't find one. Also whilst on the subject tyres, anybody know of a good...
  13. Rear tyre changing

    Africa Twin
    I always have trouble breaking the bead on the rear tyre of my AT. Even my wind down bead breaker from Hein Gericke has trouble, it's like the tyre welds itself to the rim. I don't have this trouble on other wheels or bikes so I wondered if it was just me. I've used T66, Trailwing 152 and...