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  1. Coolest bike on TV

    Thinks of all the concept bikes and customised wonders that have ever graced our screens. My favourite: Hair Bear Bunch Intro - YouTube
  2. What do you want?

    Welsh Invasion
    Right there's a call for a sixth Welsh Invasion with perhaps looking for a new bunkhouse. So what do you require from a bunkhouse with regards to rooms etc. Bear in mind in February we need to stay away from mountains because of the weather. I've had a quick look around and have found the...
  3. Bear or Ray

    Just for Fun ... So if you were lost in the woods , who would you like to be with .. Bear Grylls YouTube - Man vs. Wild - Bear, Just Eat It! Ray Mears YouTube - Squirrel Trap & Hobo-Fishing - Ray Mears Extreme Survival - BBC
  4. OK please bear with me...

    ...but today I sat on one of these and I think I may have changed my mind again. :rolleyes: It just seems to have the quirky character and styling reminiscent of the Vanvan, and is surprisingly light. With seat/suspension...
  5. MOM and his amazing dancing bear

    well simon smith actually YouTube - Alan Price Set - Simon Smith & his amazing dancing bear 1967
  6. Did Bikers bear the brunt of inflation?

    The consumer prices index (CPI) rose by 2.9% in the year to December, up from 1.9% in November the largest ever increase in the annual rate between two months. The all items retail prices index (RPI) rose by 2.4%, up from 0.3% in November. And RPI excluding mortgage interest payments index...
  7. Please bear with me for a few more days...

    ...Im really sorry everyone - Im behind on the xrv pic rally. I was hoping to have it all sorted by today and be able to send out info to people from tomorrow. It's been the forthnight from hell at my end, no end of stuff going on at work and at home. Nothing too serious - just one of those...
  8. Warning!! Bear in the Air

    North Yorkshire Police's Latest attack on bikers appears to be in the form of a Helicopter with camera's. A friend was followed on Sunday near Catterick and It was also seen in the Thirsk area. One way of slowing the Wensleydale GP. Take it steady Guys :lol: IanS