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  1. spotted in Hemel Hempstead today

    In the outskirts of Hemel Hempstead nearby to the Herts Show which was on today. Someone riding in a trio on a red white and blue AT - the RD04 colour scheme. I was in the car with the family, itching to get on the bike today; especially as the TRF had a stand at the show. Might go to their...
  2. Events for beginners

    Hi all I'm looking to do some events on my XR400 this year. i have been looking at enduronews and some other similar sites but can't seem to find something for beginners. Any advice would be most welcome, thanks.
  3. Oil Change for Beginners

    Africa Twin
    I am not mechanically minded at all (those at Piel can verify)...but am starting to learn (punctures and changing fuel pump so far). I decided today was the day my @ had an oil change (my first ever) - the beginning of a major service (by me) as I have no idea when the last one was done prior to...
  4. Beginners Question

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks, just picked up my new (to me) @ from Halifax and had a great (but Butt numbing) ride down to Glorious (if damp) Devon, my question is regarding the engine breaking, as soon as I let go of the gas it almost feels like I've slapped on the anchors, if I dip the clutch that improves...