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  1. CRF1000L rear shock on XRV750 RD07

    Africa Twin
    Hi, did anyone try the rear shock of the CRF1000 on an RD07. First , will it fit dimensionally and how does it behave. I find the CRF rear suspension more comfortable and want to fit the shock on my RD07a. The CRF shock can be found relatively cheap as second hand, and saves the investment in an...
  2. Starting issues

    Africa Twin
    My RD07A have started to behave strange when it is cold. It starts with full choke but dies after a while. I can start it again but slowly dies. If I add throttle it dies at once. When the engine gets warm there is no problem only when cold. It can take 15 min struggling wit hstart gas and...
  3. RD04 Break Down A13

    Africa Twin
    Was riding to work along the A13 this morning, i noticed the rev counter was reading less than it should have been, then realised it wasn;t actually moving. The slowly the bike died and i managed to coast to my exit and then push the last mile or so to work. The bike was completely dead, the...
  4. Briefly 600 vs 650 Observations from those you have tried both

    Now I've already had a couple of 600's but what could convince me to move upto a 650? The 600 looks much nicer and more 'manly' if dated, with the 650 m curvier and expensive in a drop! But how does the engine behave, power and economy? and weather protection wind blast etc? And legendary finish...
  5. Diagnosis please.

    Mechanical Advice
    Transalp not started since August. Battery flat (7.4V) Jumped it off the Pan and left it running. After about 10 minutes it ran with the jump leads off. Voltage at tickover (everything off) from about 12 to 13.2 but averaging about 12.7V. BUT when I rev it the voltage drops. I went for a...
  6. Qatari etiquette - any advice?

    OK, so I know you are all a cosmopolitan and well travelled lot :thumbup:. I am off on a work trip to Qatar next week and have never travelled anywhere in the Middle East. I've checked the Foreign Office advice, and it tells me that I should avoid demonstrations, that road discipline is poor...
  7. OK children behave as....

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I am going to Wales(:rolleyes::rolleyes:here we go again.Steel toecap boots,check:D) for a weekend of camping with the XRV mini's So i do not want to hear any complaints or any misbehaving while I am gone:thumb::D:D:D Bye pete Panzer is ready to roll,fire up the engines:hitler::hitler: