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  1. Very strange behaviour..

    Africa Twin
    This is a strange one... When I start the bike on the side stand and use choke the bike idols around 1200rpm, BUT if i lean the Bike over untill it’s level then the revs climb to 2500-3000rpm. This only happens with the choke on. when I’m moving the bike on or off the side stand the handle...
  2. RD04 fuel line cut.

    Africa Twin
    Some wag has cut the line from the left fuel tap and drained my tank of my RD04 Africa Twin. Very nice of them. I am thinking of taking the bike to my workshop and fixing it there. Question1, If I turn the left fuel tap off can I run the bike on the right tap or do I need to replace the hose...
  3. Recommissioning 2008 Transalp 700

    Chaps After a long absence from this site, I have returned to the fold, and keen to ride the bike. However, the bike has had long lay up - some 18 months or more - in the shed, with no use whatsoever. I am well aware this is disgraceful behaviour, and am also aware to check out brakes, tyres...
  4. Brent council banning motorcycles

    From Visordown - Brent council introduce motorcycle ban. Now I've never been to the Ace Cafe, but is the behaviour of motorcyclists so bad in the area that Brent council are justified in this action? I rather doubt it myself. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely...
  5. Troubles with AQ fuel tap with reserve light

    Africa Twin
    Hi there Has anyone had similar troubles with the AQ fuel tap? First it looks like the pilot light lives it's own live: it could lit up unexpectedly (even with the full tank), light for several minutes and then get off. This could occur many times during the ride regardless of the fuel amount...
  6. if there is any doubt about the serenity of the kids weekeds

    Kids Weekend
    then post evidence of good behaviour in this thread:toothy10::toothy10::toothy10::toothy10::toothy10:
  7. Indicators "slow" when it is really cold.

    Africa Twin
    My indicators during the cold snap at the start of this week were a bit "slow" for the first ten minutes or so. It would not go all all, then a bit, then not at all, then working fine. Erratic behaviour! Does this point to something else? It only happens when it is really very cold.
  8. Setting a Mikuni VM22 carb

    Mechanical Advice
    The lads little Chinese 125 starts on the button every time but when on choke the revs rise and fall ranging between 4000 revs and almost dying (occasionally doing so) in 2-4 second intervals. He has got into the habit of hitting the button and riding of as it pretty much wont idle till warmed...
  9. weird behaviour when under breaking with front break only.

    My front break seems to fade and then come back when breaking causing the bike to seesaw when coming to a halt. I think the break disc may be warped but visually it looks fine. Any ideas? It is a transalp XL650 2005. I have only had the bike a week and had a Hornet with stiff sports suspension...
  10. Strange behaviour from the front brake

    Africa Twin
    Recently had my bike go through it's 12,000 mile service ... I was a bit concerned because my front brake had started to make this scrapping noise whenever I applied the front brake. Was assured by the people doing the service that the problem was down to some grit getting into the pads and...
  11. Strange "cut-out" behaviour ...

    Africa Twin
    Personally it sounds like a problem with the coil. I don't know if the AT's have inheritent coil problems but the last time I hade similar probs it was always wet and the bike would cut out and then start when the coil dried out. This coil was the ceramic type with a hair line crack in it. Took...