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  1. Vin build ID

    Africa Twin
    My first Post... I have just aquired an RD 03 vin # RD03 10004xx to keep my crf1000 dct company in the garage. It is 99% original but needs just a little care to make it excellent. Question.. Was this bike an early Japanese domestic build ? It does have a “speed” light and I think Japan...
  2. Insurance good throughout Europe?

    Africa Twin
    I am hoping to spend a couple of days heading to Bath , England towards end of May on bike. Does my insurance i have in Belgium cover me over there since it is part of European Union? Or do I need some sort of supplemental insurance ? Thanks
  3. RD04 1990 : where does this screw go??

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys I'm Marco from Belgium. I have an RD04 from 1990. It's a great bike, but has had some bad owners that didn't maintain it. :( I have replaced the rubber inlet seals, valve cover seals, fuel hoses, blablabla... =) Now i am left with one part: a screw, a tiny washer and something on...
  4. Any Belgium locals?

    Africa Twin
    Any folks local to Belgium on here? I will be heading there on Monday for a job I have taken. Hoping to hook up with some folks while I am there the next few years. Will be on he hunt for a nice RD04 I think as I have an RD03 here in the states. Let me know if anyone in the general area. Thanks
  5. RD03 which tank bag?

    Africa Twin
    Hi gents, I'm going on a roadtrip this sunday. From Belgium to South France. I would like to have a tank bag (prefer magnet one) but I don't know which one fits the best, or which one I should choose. Any ideas? Thanks in forward.
  6. Certificate of Conformaty

    Africa Twin
    Hi Chaps, Does anyone out there have a certificate of confirmaty for a RD03 in French ? scanned copy or original would really help me out, its for the bullshit Belgium authorities..... Many thanks Matt ahh maybe send me a private message :-)
  7. For Sale: honda RD03 For sale in belgium! 28700 KM 1988

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    scroll down, something funny with the text i added claims to be original 28700 KM (changed the chain and gear set, 2000 km ago) scratch in the tank left hand bottom side, no dent, needs a partial repaint origin 2 bottom plastic tank covers are cracked...
  8. Re: Possible RD03 sale?...

    Africa Twin
    Re: Possible RD03 sale?... I'm thinking (maybe!!!) about selling my RD03 to fund another bike I have my eye on. It's currently registered in Poland. It's not a minter by a long shot but it has a great engine and i've ridden it through Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, back through Poland...
  9. One for anyone in France, Belgium, Holland etc...

    Was talking to Andy (outrunner) at the national and it came up in conversation that it was illegal to filter in some European countries. This was news to me so i was just wondering if anyone had any input. Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  10. Hello from Belgium

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    i am new to this forum i bought a Africa Twin '94 XRV 750 and id like to post some pics of my progression with this bike greetings to all you AT fanatics here are some pics of the bike
  11. Belgium for Easter

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Every year I organise a trip to Belgium over the Easter weekend for the Suzuki Owners |Club. This year the trip is to Ostend from Friday 2nd April to Monday 5th April, staying in a hotel near the centre. There are 2 double rooms still available if anyone is interested in coming along on the trip...
  12. France, Belgium, Luxembourgh?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    France, Belgium, Luxembourg? I'm taking Miss O'Hara on a brief jaunt to Europe 21st-24/25th August. I'm arriving in Calais and returning from Calais and little else is planned, although a dash across to Luxembourg has been suggested. Anyone got any suggestions on good routes, places to visit...
  13. Hi from Antwerp Belgium

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hello I'm new on this forum. I drive a 2004 Varadero XLV1000 ( Silver -black) . Just back from a nice trip in the Scottisch Highlands. This was the best trip I ever made with the bike. Grtz YM
  14. France - Belgium - Nurbergring

    Bonsoir..... Going with some mates (non trailie riders) on a Euro excersion this July... Crossing the channel Dover - Calais 1st Day - Calais Lunch in Brugge - Night in Brussels 2nd Day - Brussels - Liege (Drop kit) - Nurbergring - Liege 3rd Day - Liege - Charleroi 4th Day - Charleroi -...
  15. Hi to all from rainy Belgium

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi, After a 20 year break, I'm back to motorcycling. Two years ago I bought a Honda 125CLR to be sure I hadn't lost my riding skills (and wasn't just suffering from a midlife crisis). Then I sold it after 2 months and bought a Honda Vigor. Good old memories came back to me and having owned 3...
  16. Belgium for Easter 2009

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I´ve arranged a trip to Bruges this Easter with the Suzuki Owners Club, and there´s around 28 people going. Due to a cancellation there´s one hotel room left. Is anyone interested in coming along? We´re sailing on Good Friday around 12:20 (lunchtime), returning Easter Monday around the same...
  17. Belgium crash bars

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi, I know its well posted subject but need advice/help please...... There are a set of crash bars on e-bay from a Belgium seller, (always on there so assume the manufacture them). Has any one got any from them fitted to an 1988 (or similar age) 600v transalp. If so any chance of posting a...
  18. belgium crash bars

    Hi, I know its well posted subject but need advice/help please...... There are a set of crash bars on e-bay from a Belgium seller, (always on there so assume the manufacture them). Has any one got any from them fitted to an 1988 (or similar age) 600v transalp. If so any chance of posting a...
  19. Belgium - Tanzania

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Came across this while mooching about elsewhere, did a search for Belgium & Tanzania, this ain't there so ..... sit back, draw a glass of your preferred relaxant and enjoy. Belgium to Tanzania You're welcome
  20. Bikers loft - Belgium

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just back from a weekend run to the "Bikers Loft" motel in Belgium with a couple of other members. Been riding my AT for 3 years now and they harassed me extensively on the ferry on the way home about joining the forum, so I did ! As a next step, I intend washing my bike ;) One of the boys...