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  1. What telephone phone?

    I am looking to buy myself a new telephone to make telephone calls on. I dont want any bells and whistles smartphone bow locks, just a phone to make calls on.:thumbup: Any suggestions...I might go mad and spring for a flip phone like they used to have in star trek.:D:D:D
  2. Exhaust

    Hello and Season's Greetings. I had posted this in "Other Makes", probably not a good idea. I'm sure that a couple of years ago people on here were buying exhausts from a UK manufacturer, maybe somewhere in the Lake District, does that ring any bells? Cheers, Robin.
  3. Happy new year

    Happy new year fellow XRV'rs :thumbup: Just heading off to a Hogmanay party, coming back home for the bells later on, all the family coming round :thumb: Soooo, in case I fall by the wayside, everybody have a safe and good Hogmanay. Best wishes for the coming year, may it provide you with...
  4. insect repellent patches

    Any one used them? Been out of the loop too long as I'd never heard of them. Saw a fb like me link and warning bells started to ring, thought it was a scam. On searching further found a few firms that sell them, ie Amazon. Any tried them? Found vie patch on Amazon which apply to the skin like...
  5. head bearing change

    New boy,well old boy,but new to forum, Been watching for a while now and seen some good problem solving. Can anyone help me with my problem. Got the front end striped down,got a drift and been braying seven bells out of the inner lower race . Something solid in there and i was knocking lumps off...
  6. Jingle Bells (again)

    Mini XRVs
  7. Ring any bells people...

    I know this feeling... Glad its Bike 'Play' tomorrow :D
  8. The bells, the bells, oh those bells!

    There I was, happy as can be, in Brussells last weekend for the Jazz Festival. By chance I parked the old AT in a street near the Big Square or Grande Place or Centraal Markt. A terrific Galician band appeared playing fabulous music. I was loving it until - those Christian pests started...