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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi Folks, I have seen here some exemplary who passed the 100k miles mark but I thought there is not an 'official' thread to mark the ATs that belong to this exclusive club. Well, mine, already several weeks ago, did it. So it is a 'centenarian'. At least in terms of miles, since it is...
  2. Chatter
    A question,is it possible for me to insure a bike that doesn't belong to me?A mate has offered to lend me his 955 Tiger :thumbup:but I don't have cover to ride other peoples bikes on my insurance.I asked Carole Nash if I could add the bike to my policy but they said no because it doesn't belong...
  3. Africa Twin
    :thumb:Stopped in Maybole for petrol last Saturday. And found this beauty. Anyone we know:blob4: P reg with some very nice Stainless Engine bars fitted Edit; I've just looked at the picture of the dash and you can't see the mileage. Never mind it's circa 11k.
  4. Suzuki
    Just joined the forum, wondered where oddballs like my Beta Alp 4 fit in - its suzuki engined, so does it belong in the suzuki thread?
  5. Africa Twin
1-5 of 5 Results