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    My lad come off his CRF250 and bent the clutch lever nearly 90 degrees he's ordered a new one, so will the old one straighten up to use as a spare. Can you anneal aluminium, or will it just bend back without snapping, Cheers Mike
  2. Chatter
    Hi all can anyone tell me how I can tell if the front forks on my sons varadero are "BENT OR TWISTED so badly they wont pass a mot" to quote the mechanic. I cant see anything and it rides ok according to my son. Cheers
  3. Africa Twin
    Can anybody tell me why these have bent like this sorry pics are poor quality they are off my RD07. I have just put new discs on and they seem to work okay and there is no movement on the disc or caliper. The picture is the discs one on top of each other and there should be no gap at all. Thanks
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    Looks like fun. Motorcycle camping in the blizzard – Bennett There Done That - BDN Maine Blogs
  5. BMW
    One of the fins on the barrels is bent on the R45. It's not hugely noticeable and I could live with it but it would be nice if it was straight. Thing is I don't want to break it as I rather have a bent fin than a broken one. Is it possible to straighten or should I leave well alone?
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    Has the brake pedal on it. Mine's bent and a big hammer has failed to bang it straight. Don't need the footpeg. That's still fine.
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    Hey everyone, Im after a front wheel to fit an xr250 (1996 to 2002 model) if anyone has a spare. Im only going to use the hub so any bent wheels that you may happen to have lying around would be much appreciated! I have cash ready, whaddya got?
  8. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Here you are guys and gals... I know some of you have been waiting... Meesh and Ben’s first long haul journey April 2009 (Day 1) :blob7:Oh! I can’t sleep!....... got to sleep!...... please sleep, brain! I want to set off early... so excited..... but I can’t sleeeeeeep!... can’t sleep...
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    in this ebay link you willl see the details of weavers stolen escort if anyone can help him please do merv
  10. Chatter
    Hi all, Simon and I are taking part in a sponsored climb of Ben Nevis during St. Partricks Weekend 16th-18th March, to try and raise funds for the charity I work for in Northern Ireland. :thumb: The Link Family and Community Centre came into being in January 1997. It was an attempt to make a...
  11. Chatter
    hi guys, Phoenix and I are going to climb Ben Nevis in March. The reason is to raise money for the Link, which is a drop in centre in my home town. It give young people somewhere to go to rather than getting into bother and also deals with the addicts in the town. Its run by a few of the...