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  1. Arrow exhaust manifolds

    Africa Twin
    Hi i was looking at my exhaust which is in good condition (from what i can see) but i was looking for alternative SS options are arrow the sole manufacturer of aftermarket manifolds ? Also if you have one are there any benefits over standard ? Weight ,performance etc
  2. XR400 converting to 440

    Hi Has anyone done the 440cc conversion? If so what are the benefits and drawbacks? I am about to start an engine rebuild and wondered if it's worth doing. Thanks. Ben Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  3. Extra goodies with Catweasel's AT

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I've been going through my bro's stuff and found what seems to be modified front sprocket amd what I think is a lift kit. Can anyone tell me the benefits of these? Cheers, Stewart.
  4. Wheel bearings dilemma

    Africa Twin
    Should be replacing mine and I see that Honda has superseded the RS type (rubber/plastic seal) with Z ones with metal shield. These have less drag but aren't completelly sealed as RS ones. Any thoughts on why was this done or what are the benefits?
  5. Green Lane Forums?

    Anyone tell me which would be best to join(as in a paid up member),theres a bit of a difference in price,but im unsure which is best/best for me TRF=£45+£10 for local group GLASS=£35 Any benefits either have over the other? TIA
  6. Suspension linkage - Conversion to caged bearings?

    Africa Twin
    I'm in the process of renewing one of the bearings in the suspension linkage of my 2002 RD07A as it was a MoT failure. But I was wondering if it was possible to convert the loose needle bearings to sealed caged bearings. Has anyone done this? Is it worthwhile? What are the benefits? Iain
  7. Track Day benefits?!

    Hi all I know this is an adventure bike stylie forum but I was wondering if anyone had done track days and had found any benefit to their riding from them. I know the off road day I spent with Mudwiz helped my on-road riding ability - especially in the poor weather when the bike gets twitchy...
  8. Additional benefits to servicing ur Alp

    Ive had my Alp since April 08 and covered just under 20k miles with dealer servicing covering the first 3 services as bought in a service pack. This meant I had the 4, 8 and 12k services done for me, including the most expensive services based on time costs. So - I just done the 16+20k service...
  9. benefits of being 40 or over

    Well, some advantages on hitting 40, my insurance renewal just dropped on the mat, £106 fully comp. a 6% reduction over last year (or so it said in the letter)