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    Don't fall for this ... Never trust 'The Media' !
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    Just spotted that it's your special day. And what a grand way to spend it in company with your XRV mates! Hope you have a lovely dy, and beware of stray dustbins coming to attack you :cool:
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    Spotted several of these on the way to the Stella Alpina - Beware falling stones Spotted this on the way down from the Jafferau tunnel ....... Remember to wear your helmet!!! Paul
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    they're testing a new speed trap
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    This might only apply to car insurance, but it is probably best to make sure that you are dealing with legitimate insurance brokers. From the BBC - Fake car insurance brokers As the old saying goes - if it looks too good to be true, then is probably is. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome...
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    Or tips for you crooks out there !!!! A couple of mails i received this morning watch these cheeky bloody Cashpoint Scammers!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then...
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    Just been put through 2 hours of boring Chick flick with Birthday girl Sharrie and Daughter. The film was called eclipse some vampire doggy movie. Never before looked at my phone in a film but done it 3 times, and nearly burst out laughing when LV text me. These 2 are going to suffer The A team...
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    Today's best press release is from Ayrshire and Aran NHS and is: Slimmin’ Withoot Wimmin is a weight management class with a difference – it’s for men only!
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    Just had my paypal account hacked and robbed to the sum of $98.00 It apparently is not going to cost me, as once the investigation is done they will refund the amount but it has rendered my account useless for upto 30 days........Paypal suggested my password was weak (3 unique numbers followed...
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    Wilton Road in Victoria is now Only accessible to Buses and Taxis, No other vehicles are allowed. Last night I saw several scooters and cars ignore the road signs and enter the road. It is being monitored and Fines will be sent out. I believe the fines are £120.
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    DO NOT chop a Jalapenos Chilli and decide to scratch your itchy nose (you the bit right near your eye):rolleyes:. Of course most of you will already know this because you have the common sense you were born on the other hand has just spent half an hour crawling around on the...
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    I am sure everyone is wise these days but thought i would post regarding an email received today. There is a link in the message that takes you to a VERY convincing looking Paypal page !! I just tried the link again & see a message its been blocked in the past 15 mins since i looked so maybe no...
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    What a plank
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    I’m done using Ebay because I’m done with Paypal. A few weeks ago I purchased Guitar lessons via Paypal. For some reason they limited my account, the transaction was ‘cancelled’ and the money transfer from my account was ‘denied’. To un-limit my account I had to follow 4 steps, one of which I...
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    Well got stuck in a lift today at collage, apparently there is a paper sign on it saying staff and disabled only, but as the buidling is 5 stories high we thought it would not hurt to take the lift :rolleyes: Well how wrong were we me and my mate got stuck in it for what seemed likes ages...
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    read this link to the it sounds like one of the staff is being naughty!
1-17 of 18 Results