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  1. Xr650r tires help

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Xr650r tyres help Hi guys just bought my xr650r couple weeks back and looking to get some new tyres. I will be using the bike for on and off road .I have had a look at maxxis IT they look good is 110/100/18 the bigest I can do ? Has anyone got suggestion on the sizes if I can go bigger or...
  2. Bigest & Strongest Crashbars?

    Mechanical Advice
    Ok As a few of you know i had a bike accident that has killed my Right side Motad crash bars which unfortunately you cant get any more. I would like something just as meaty/heavy duty as the Motad bars but all i can find is thiner more weedy looking bars. Can anyone suggest where i could get...