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  1. Memories for some older one's

    Hi...look up on google....ogri the biker hero....a 1/2 hr cartoon film
  2. Mpumalanga or bust

    Africa Twin
    Have not been on a decent bike trip in at least 12 years. Leaving Johannesburg tomorrow for the Lowveld region of Mpumalanga, for 4 days. Its winter, its raining at the wrong time, quite cool, but we have united some of our old biker group and going. An old AT(2001), a newish one(2017), a...
  3. Ethanol (and the Arm-chair-biker) !

    From Ethanol in petrol. The what 'Classic' riding motorcyclists need to know. Share & Enjoy !
  4. Whats it worth?

    I found an imperial measurements socket set for sale here in Denmark for £20 Its make is USAG which I have never heard of and its has 21 sockets from 3/8" up to ! 1/4" which is a bargain in this part of Europe that I call home.. While I was talking to the seller I asked if he had any other tools...
  5. World's Largest All Female Biker Meet 16th July, 2017.

    World's Largest All Female Biker Meet 16th July, 2017. AT and I will be accompanying G/f on her scarlet Scrambler to this event. Lynn's Raven Cafe A41/A49 Junction, Prees Heath,Whitchurch, Shropshire SY13 2AF, United Kingdom.
  6. any easier way for those hoses?

    hi there i am a new biker and also new to maintenance i followed haynes and managed to change oil, oil and air filter, and spark plugs had to remove fairing and fuel tank of course now i am on my way to putting it back together and managed to put the fuel tank on and it starts up!!!! no leaks...
  7. Couldn't find proper RD07a stickers. So made my own. ;-)

    Africa Twin
    I have searched high and low for "correct" stickers. I checked about half a dozen of suppliers, and found that accuracy range to "acceptable" to outright "horrible". I even mentioned last week to a Greek supplier that I would order his set if he modified the upper hole for the side fairing...
  8. M20 Bridge Collapse: Motorway Travel Chaos As Biker Injured

    M20 Bridge Collapse: Motorway Travel Chaos As Biker Injured That's one lucky biker! How the hell can this lorry go down this road and take out this bridge?
  9. Helping out a fellow biker

    Hi All....I am a bit of an older than average biker'ish bloke...Helped out a 17 year old broken down in today's dodgy wet weather...Anyway..short version...Do any of you guy's know about or also carry old fashion re-wireable fuse wire ? ? HE DIDN'T or does anyone carry a flattened long life...
  10. JTS BIker Clothing

    Hi All I just bought a set of Cordura trousers from JTS Biker Clothing of Coalville near Leicester As I'm 6'3" with a long inside leg it was nice to visit a website that quoted the actual length of the leg rather than short, medium, long or extra long. I found their site really easyto navigate...
  11. Adv scotland outwest rally 2016

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    A New Year, another Motorbike Rally !! .. ADV SCOTLAND OUTWEST RALLY 2016 Fri 27th May to Sun 29th May 2016 Location : SunArt Camping Granite Square Strontian Argyll PH36 4HZ 01967 402080 Home Set in the small, quiet village of Strontian, Sunart Camping is the ideal location for...
  12. What are your favorite motorbike songs?

    Ask people on the street to name their favourite ‘motorbike song’, and chances are they lean more to Highway to Hell than Little Honda - beards, leather jackets and Hells Angels-types, not the chirpy 60s tunes some of us grew up with. Here at Bikesure, we want to change public opinion of biker...
  13. Newbie Africa Twin Owner in Yokohama Japan

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hello fromYokohama. Here Im known as Bob san and thats my chosen user name. Im not a newbie biker but a newbie owner of the Africa Twin and thats why Im introducing myself. I take delivery on the 25th September 2015 of a 2002, unmarked clearly well loved XR 750, any color you like as long as its...
  14. Peak District Air Accident Research

    These are two good websites for those that take interest in these matters. Peak District Aircraft Crash Sites Map and Aviation Archaeology Some of the sites should be possible to visit even for a biker (without bike).
  15. Adventure biker adverts :)

    This ad keeps coming up. Are they trying to,tell me something? Can GCHQ activate my camera while i'm "perusing" xrv ? Or is this my member ID photo?
  16. Done it again......Tuscany and back

    made the trip again with our trike friend Barry. One of the best find was a hostel in Menaggio (COMO), western side of lake Como, there is only one in the village so you can't miss it (Lake Como|Menaggio Youth Hostel "La Primula") , very biker friendly and 45 Euros will get you an en-suite room...
  17. For Sale: Transalp 650 '02 Plate

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have decided that the time has come to sell my 650 Transalp. I bought it around July last year as my first bike after passing my direct access. It's served me well in the time I've owned it and I'm a little reluctant to be getting rid of it as it's a lovely bike, but I have come to the...
  18. Free BBB

    Hi folks , If
  19. National Meet 2015

    National Meets
    The joint XRV/Big Trailie National for 2015 will be at The Bruce Arms, near Salisbury Plain, in Wiltshire, for the weekend of 11-13 September 2015, with people arriving from as early as Wednesday 9 September if past years are anything to go by. The address: The Bruce Arms Easton Road Easton...
  20. Handle bar grip glue type

    Hi...Having never had to ever replace or re-glue bar grips, I tried three local motorbike dealer / that have workshops / and spares shops, to buy the correct stuff in a tiny tube...Every one of them said....WHAT ? ? ? with a strange look....use ordinary spray type carpet adhesive...WE ALWAYS...