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  1. Insurance Rant

    My multi bike policy is due for renewal and I receive the instruction - it's risen from £269 for 4 Modern Classics to £410. My phone call reveals the cause, my truck driving day job (75k miles/year) has accumulated a few claims and suddenly I'm high risk. I explain that I've completed a few...
  2. Bikesafe

    Evening all. Has anyone done the Kent Bikesafe one day course, and are they worth doing? I have been riding bikes on and off for 35 years. everything from BSA bantam, to GS 1000e Susuki. my last bike was a 1956 350 mac Vellocett. Just come back onto bikes after 5 year lay off. Now riding an...
  3. Test ride a Super Ten at Bikesafe

    Yamaha will be giving free test rides (subject to criteria) on the brand new Super Ténéré and FZ8 at the National BikeSafe event in Sheffield on 12-13 June. Yamaha says this will be the first UK showing at an outside event of both models so visit the Yamaha stand early to book a test ride...
  4. Bikesafe Sheffield

    Went out on Saturday to a bikesafe session run by South Yorkshire police force. Started at 8 am with registration and coffee (needed buckets full to wake up) from the to 11 was an interactive DVD of the main causes of bikers being injured which included cornering and filtering. The paired up...
  5. Bikesafe Show 2010

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Sheffield Arena Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th June, 10am-5pm Free entrance & free parking Pre-register to enter a free draw for a CBF600N Most likely going to this. Might see some of you there?
  6. Did the Bikesafe Course

    It was a nasty raining sunday, today . But I was keen to get along to the Bikesafe Course at Aberdeen. The bad forecast had limited the numbers of people who turned up, only 8 . But we had a informative Computer Presentation in the morning , which was hosted by one of the Bike Cops. This...
  7. National Bikesafe Motorcycle show. 20th and 21st June.

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    This might be of interest to some not doing the longest day and looking for a cheap good day out. Bikesafe - Motorcycle Rider Safety Bring your bike documents and you can have a free assessed ride and try out some of the latest machinery. :thumbright:
  8. Bikesafe on an A2

    Dominator / FMX
    A couple of mates of mine are attending a Bikesafe course next month and asked if I want to tag along too. Now with me being on an A2 licence and having a 650 bike that isn't restricted - should I be worried about the police taking an interest in this? Now I know, after a lot of delving into...
  9. First Aid and Bikesafe.

    Looking at the calendar, its a bit bleek in oct and november. Soooooooo if theres enough interest I'll organise another Bikesafe day, but this time using the south london startpoint at The Warren. SEE HERE I'm also happy to organise another First Aid Day if theres enough interest...
  10. XRV Bikesafe Day part one

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Not a ride report as such as I don't think any of us got pics out on the roads, mainly coz it would P*ss the police officers off riding with one hand an a camera :D But all in all a really good day, the weather held more or less (just a small shower of hailstones) and I hope everyone enjoyed it...
  11. Bikesafe In Fife

    Fife police are running bikesafe courses from end of March onwards, you need to registar & they will send you out a proposed date. Link below to the course details and form ...
  12. First XRV BikeSafe Day - Sun 9th March 08

    Right then - this is now reserved for us for Sunday the 9th March, at the Ace Cafe. Heres what you need to do: Call 0845 2307407 Tell them you want to bookup for Sunday 9th March You MUST Identify yourself as a member of XRV as thats the name it's reserved in Pay with your credit or...
  13. What about an XRV Bikesafe Day at the Ace

    I've just spoken to the Bikesafe London organisers - they're happy for the XRV riders to have a day for themselves with the Metropolitan Police Motorcycle Task Force :cool: (to give them their proper title) for assessment, advanced riding theory and a couple of practical rides - AND LUNCH !!! :D...
  14. National Bikesafe Motorcycle show

    Just a heads up for this event, happening on 29th and 30th of March. It's free, and is a brillant day out for the whole family, with displays from the police horses, dogs, Old Police vehicle fleets, classic british Iron, AND possibly the best bit - bring your licence along and have a try out...
  15. Bikesafe Day Met Police The Warren

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hello everyone. I'm Niamh, Alpslappers daughter. Yes I know it's late but I'm allowed to watch Casualty on Saturday nights so there :D I wanted to say that I had a great time on the Bikesafe day I went on today with my dad. I went as a pillion and my dad was riding the bike. The policeman...
  16. Bikesafe

    Anyone going to Bikesafe at Cheltenham this weekend ?
  17. Bikesafe London

    I did the Bikesafe London day on Friday. The Met and City police run these jointly from either the Ace café in the north or The Warren in Hayes, Bromley in the south (where I went). They are subsidised by Transport for London (TfL) but still cost £30, which covers a bit of lunch etc. (I know...
  18. BikeSafe Wiltshire - Sept 06

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    There we were, me JVaughan and JB1, in Devizes, all day, getting some good lessons, advice and riding tuition from Wiltshire Police. If you've not done one of these, you simply must. Most of the information they give you, can be gained from books, but actually having experts there to question...
  19. BikeSafe 2006 - Wiltshire

    Africa Twin
  20. BikeSafe 2006 - Wiltshire

    Hi all. As part of my job, I'm involved with road safety for my company. Knowing that some of our employees ride motorbikes, I've managed to get details of bikesafe courses run in wiltshire. They're a free 1 day course run by the Police and council. If anyone is interested, message me and...