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  1. How to get your kid started in dirt biking - P1

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    :thumbleft: :thumbright:
  2. The Motorcyclist’s Guide to Scotland

    There’s a new book that’ll be of interest to anyone heading north of the border. It does seem to be very comprehensive, well written and informative. There’s loads of background information, not just route directions. JG even suggests appropriate reading material and soundtracks to accompany...
  3. Hi all

    Hi all, I’m new to the forums and would just like to say hello to you all. I have just got back into biking again after nearly 20 years and it’s great to be back on the saddle again :thumb: Got myself a 2001 Honda XL650V Transalp and really enjoying it. Great forum and lots of good info...
  4. Worth importing?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Im new to this forum but not biking. Im just back from 2 weeks biking around Mozambique and South Africa. My mate brought me a 1988 XVR650 for the trip. Its in good original shape with about 60,000 kms on the clock. He wants US 1500$ for it. I understand they are fairly rare so is it worth...
  5. Locks, alarms and security

    Hi, I'm fairly new to biking, so far i've never let the bike out of my sight on a ride which obviously isn't ideal. Please can you advise what solutions you have? I have a motorbike chain but it weighs 12+kg so I dont know how best to transport it? Seem to think the rear rack is only rated to...
  6. The bear tour of germany

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    If you looking for a different region for a holiday with stunning roads,ridiculus good and cheap food and drink,have a look here.Just come back from 2 weeks of biking bliss My ride report and about a million pics are here bigtrailie • View...
  7. Honda V twin engine.

    I just bought myself a 1993 Honda NTV 650 from Germany which I have been informed has the same engine as the transalp.(who knew):D:D:D I am chuffed to bits with the bike and have started enjoying biking a bit more. I love the vibe the bikes gives off but I have one concern. I have ridden 800km...
  8. Whats the verdict

    Africa Twin
    Went out today for a ride with a couple of new biking mates this is what one rode I was quite impressed it sounded superb so thought I would take a couple of pics for the members on here.
  9. I'm writing a blog!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hey everyone, Just in case anyone would like a read, I'm writing a blog of how I got into biking and my adventures to far off lands aboard my 82 Honda XL500R. A +1 on Google+ would be greatly appreciated Thanks all Venice 2013
  10. A fab day out on a fab trail

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Met up with Cabbage to go for a great trail ride, like being back in the good ol days Only this time its peddle power !! Took on the skyline trail from Glyncorrwg a marvellous 30 mile loop... although only could do 20 miles due to a section being closed. Starts with a nice lung busting climb for...
  11. French trip - Wheels and waves 2014

    Love the look of this biking get together in Biarritz in France. Loooks like a gorgeous gathering of retro vintrage bikes , cool mofos and beer in a sweet location. I might have to put it in the diary for next year. Southsiders present: Wheels & Waves - second edition on Vimeo...
  12. New to the African Twin

    Africa Twin
    Hi. I have just bought a 1988 Africa Twin with 56000km on the clock. I am not new to biking but am to the Africa Twin. I think it's is in good nick, but would welcome any advice re some of the issues I've started to note. I'll post some images and start asking questions, if that's alright. I...
  13. requirements forbiking in spain

    What are the legal requrements for biking i Spain? Wifey and I are off to the Picos on June 23rd, and I am not sure of legal nonsense, eg Hi Viz atc atc. Cheers. Chunko'.
  14. Free FluxBabes Calendar!!!

    Competitions / Trials
    I'm currently running a promotion to give away a free Fluxbabes calendar. It's really easy to enter, all you have to do is tell me a joke. Everyone knows a joke, share it and you could win. If I get lots of interest then I will look to open up a competition with a cash prize of a prize that is...
  15. Oh FFS!!!!

    The first decent riding day in ages (even warm enough for leathers) and I manage a bloody puncture just miles from where my bike threw a massive wobbly this time last year. I am never going riding in Essex in May again. I actually joked on FB a while ago that I need a second job to pay for my...
  16. Ferries

    I'll be taking a ferry from Italy to Greece in the summer and I'm a ferry virgin as far as biking is concerned and I'm looking for some advice. When you leave your bike after boarding, do you leave all your bulky gear still on it ? I'm talking about tents and dry bags etc, not tank bags or...
  17. New Member

    Hi All Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm back to biking after a break of just 25 years. Invested in a Transalp 650 on a 56 plate about a year ago. It had done only 2500 miles so was in nearly new condition. Managed to get it up to 8500 on a trip round the Scottish Isles at the end of...
  18. Lonscale Fell - one of my favourites

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi Peeps Not motorbike but still as much fun if not more We do this on every two or three years Lonscale Fell/Back of Skiddaw Mountain Biking - Santa Cruz Blur LT1 - YouTube
  19. Anybody we know?

    No one falling off and no u-turns, so cannot be anyone on here. :D dirty toys - YouTube Maybe I should have put his in the Ride Reports and Pictures forum? Edit: Found this on the RevCounter forum in a post about supporting the TRF on a Peak District protest ride on the 25th November...
  20. Biking jeans

    Hi all, In an attempt to make using my new bike on a more regular basis for work, I am considering biking jeans. Hopefully this will just mean slipping on helmet, jacket and gloves and I am away, rather than changing trousers for loathes etc....which can be a phaffff.... Has anyone tried / got...