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  1. Exmoor/ Dartmoor tomorrow (Sat 6/7/13)

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi all, anyone fancy meeting up for a bimble tomorrow either around Exmoor/ Dartmoor (or Both) I've got a three hours (maybe more) pass and will 'Tatty' juiced up and ready to go. Road only but lots to explore and cobwebs to clear. Happy to meet Exeter/ Tiverton type areas or meet part way...
  2. Billy

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I thought i'd posted this once but I can't find itnow..., if i'm being stoopid then I'm sure someone will tell me...:thumbup: Billy was the son of a mate, member of the french bike forum who died from mucoviscidosis (sp?) 4 years ago...
  3. Silly billy

    Chatter :withstupid:
  4. Billy no mates dark ride, Jan 17th.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well, there was only me! I didn't actually exxpect anybody else, but I stopped at the Flying Fox for 7 or so mins, just to check. I did the same run as the "Gentle Lanes" run, Woburn, Sandy bits, Tottenhoe, via Studham to Markyate, then back, same route but with a different but shorter bit...
  5. Billy no mates

    Past National Meets
    Going up to the National Fri morning from Newport,but can`t find anyone to ride up with.