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  1. Does anyone want a free 650 silencer?

    anyone here want this? before i bin it.... there's no holes in it
  2. For Sale: Transalp 600 clocks

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a set of spare transalp 600 clocks for sale Came from a 1993 model In overall good condition except for a few rusty connectors on the back PM me if interested or they get binned! £25 posted
  3. AT airbox.

    Africa Twin
    As part of the stripdown the airbox came off and so I naturally had to clean it up. So I have questions about it. Is the airbox better than individual filters ? Would there be a downside to binning the airbox? Resonators? What purpose? I'm thinking its a lot of trouble to go to making such a...
  4. Rear wheel corrosion

    Mechanical Advice
    Started cleaning the rear wheel and discovered it had been botched up Does this make it fit for the bin or can it be repaired? Also is there any other rear that will fit straight on, otherwise I think I'm looking at getting a 17 inch wheel, removing my hub and getting it respoked into the...
  5. Free: free part worn avon distanzias

    For Sale / Wanted
    sized 90/90/21 ands 120/90/17. removed from a transalp after about 3500miles pm me if you want them before i bin them. collection from colchester Essex
  6. Free: Nokia Battery

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi everyone i have 1 six month old BL-5C and 1 Brand new BL-5CB Batterys to fit the Nokia C1-01 Also fits the Nokia 2330c.Would rather someone could use them than throw them in the bin.I also have a BL-4B for a Nokia 2630.Francis
  7. Cheeky burglar!

    An injured burglar sued his getaway driver! Is this the most audacious thief? Disabled crook tries to sue getaway driver for injuries suffered during high speed escape from raid | Mail Online If you have time, here's the law report. Joyce & Anor v O'Brien & Anor [2012] EWHC 1324 (QB) (17...
  8. SOS..xrv650

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys.. this is going out for a mate who needs a replacement front brake caliper as his has/botched seized pins and is fit for the bin.. anyone got one liyng around... cheers..
  9. Found the problem

    I posted yesterday about my brake caliber, it turned out I broke the caliber hanger with the disc lock.. Disc lock now in the bin.
  10. XR600 shock on ebay

    £200 BIN , after searching lings parts lists it appears these are either NLA or over £600 NEW HONDA XR600 XR 600 RS REAR SHOCKER SHOCK ABSORBER | eBay
  11. FREE AT front end

    Africa Twin
    Hi i have a complete front end off my 2000 AT thats going in the bin.forks,wheel handlebars and i think the callipers are there too also a rear rim WITHOUT the hub in good are at Great Gransden, SG19 3BJ if anyone wants them will have to pick up or sort delivery drop me a line for...
  12. Free: HJC CL-XS visor and sideplates

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm binning by offroad / onroad lid as it's f****d but the visor is still in pretty good nick. The sideplates for holding the visor on without the peak have never been used. Both are being given away free, the visor may fit other HJC helmet but i don't know for sure. If you want it just cover...
  13. Recycling

    We now have. A green bin for out general household waste A brown bin for our garden waste A blue bin for cans and glass bottles A red bin for cardboard A blue bag for paper and magazines A clear bag for plastic bottles And now we are getting a black bin for food waste. So that makes 7...
  14. Any advice before I bin it ?

    I used to project stuff from my mac onto a big screen,but a couple of years back the picture developed a yellow block (see behind the BBC logo) when there was no signal being sent to the projector that block became black. I'm about to bin the projector as it has stood now for a couple of years...
  15. Bin avin a look !

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    My other half ( god bless her) bought me a O/S map of my local area just to keep me quiet when Her soaps are on :rolleyes: . I found loads of little lanes, some muddy,some not so muddy.:D All in all this kept me busy all day, she got peace and quiet, I had a bleddy good time on my bike...