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  1. Over fueling & 50 miles less to the tank ...

    Africa Twin
    Well as it says folks im getting about 50 miles less to the tank with normal back and forth to work. Over the xmas period ive removed the tank and popped the choke plunger out and sprayed lots of carb cleaner in the choke plunger location ive checked the carbs for being balanced wand there about...
  2. Front Axle, what's missing ?

    Hi, I've just bought a '93 xl600 transalp and when removing the front wheel found the nut to be very stiff and the wheel binding in the calipers. Took the wheel off and on replacing found that as I was tightening the axle it started to get very tight but the forks were not yet touching the wheel...
  3. Wanted: RD08 NX650 Rear Caliper bracket wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hello, I am after a '99 rear brake bracket that the brembo caliper slides on as I have bent mine after beating it with a hammer in anger as the little bugger wouldn't separate! Brakes are binding a bit now as the caliper doesn't slide like it should. If anyone has a spare one lying around then...
  4. Transalp 700 abs front brakes binding

    My front brakes are binding when the bikes on main stand,you can not feel it pushing the bike,theres new fluid,brakes are clean,new pads but was binding with old ones,pistons in both calipers move easy,retaining pins have just been cleaned and polished,ive done a process of elimimation and its...
  5. Brake binding

    Recently changed my brake pads on 1999 XL1000V. Brakes have started to bind. Can now only just turn wheel by hand. Very tight. If I back of the pads wheel turns freely. Pistons move back easily. There is some play in the caliper bush on the lower mounting bolt. And when the brakes are pumped...
  6. Is the exhaust binding same on SLR\FX\FMX(and maybe dommie?)?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I'm a Vigor's owner. This is my first thread here. :) My bike's exhaust was improved by previous owner and now the tail part looks like naked pipes(w\o sileners), which makes too much noise when riding. I found used exhaust for replacement - Wydech wydechy tłumiki Honda FX FMX 650 SLR Vigor...
  7. Binding brakes after winter lay over

    Africa Twin
    So I put the AT on the CTEK last night to turn it over today. Pushed it out onto the driveway and after a while it fired up. But then trying to push her back into the garage was a real PITA as the brakes seemed to be binding after I'd applied them after pushing her onto the drive. Now think...
  8. another MOT pass today too

    Africa Twin
    ol' Dumbo back on the road, failed on a rear tyre, 1 side light, & binding brake (not moved for a while) the mot station put her as a xlv1000 on the slip, told him to change it, he said couldn't go back 2days, he'll do it next year... eh. feels like a wallowing pig compared to the now stolen...
  9. Piston and seals kit for 96 AT needed help???

    Africa Twin
    Hi Where is best place to buy piston and seals kits for my front callipers? 96 model AT binding quite bad and failed test. Any help??
  10. Brakes

    Hi I have noticed recently that the front brake lever seemed to have a hard feel when using the front brake. Tonight the front brakes were binding. It is a 2000 model and have only had it a year. I presume it is the front calipers beginning to seize? Any thoughts anyone? The strange thing...
  11. RD03 Front brake binding after overhaul

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Some of you might remember I had some issues getting my RD03's front caliper overhauled (as in everything that could me stuck, was stuck). Eventually I came to the point where I had to bleed the system to get nice firm brakes. As if it would be so easy. After hours of bleeding I...
  12. Front brakes binding..

    Africa Twin
    Just replaced the front pads and discs on my AT for new genuine honda.. it's had recent good condition calipers fitted too and I greased everything that needed greasing when installing it all. I don't think I've over-tightened the wheel and the speedo sensor/spacer appears to be installed...
  13. Front Brake(s) binding.

    Africa Twin
    Firstly, I would like to wish all the @ owners here a Happy New Year!! Anway... I have been noticing recently, after riding in the wet, when I come to get the bike out the garage the next day, the front brakes are solid, and it's a real heave to get the bike to move. Was going to take the...
  14. Brakes binding..

    I started getting really bad fuel consumption and wondered why. Found one of my front brake discs was cold enough to touch and the other one was too hot to get near. Turned out that when the pipes and pads were replaced a spring clip was put in upside down. 5 minute job and fixed in 20 after...
  15. Failed MOT yesterday, :( Binding brakes.

    BAD NEWS: Failed mot, front brakes binding on.:( GOOD NEWS: Passed the retest today, with huge thanks to everyone on here who posted advice about caliper / piston cleaning, and 3 hours on my knees, up to my elbows in copper grease etc.:thumbright: Big thanks to AUSTIN who posted his guide to...
  16. brake binding

    Dominator / FMX
    hello again. my front brake is binding so i fancied stripping it down to give it a good freshen up. not much recent history on the bike so i thought i aught to. anyone know where to get a new gasket set and i'm sure someone will have advice on the stripdown before i start! cheers all!
  17. New pads + seals, binding brakes- Ideas pls

    Africa Twin
    Just finished putting new seals in the ever failing front calipers. They were always requiring cleaning so decided on a proper cleanup. The seal grooves were dirty but are okay as far as corrosion goes. They were binding continually unless you knocked them. (The calipers) Now it's back up and...
  18. Binding front brake

    Africa Twin
    Put new pads in the front brakes yesterday and now it's sticking quite badly. Caliper seems to be put back together OK. Have worked the pistons in and out with a G clamp a few times and pumped back up to pressure. This made things slightly better but it's still bad. Any ideas?!
  19. Brakes binding

    Mechanical Advice
    I find that I only have to leave my 650 Alp for a couple of weeks for the brakes to bind quite badly. I've never had that problem on any bike before. Unfortunateley I don't have a garage so I have to store it outside but I do use a good cover. Just wondered if anyone else suffers from this as...
  20. Binding brakes

    Africa Twin
    Hiya. Bit of a newbie question, but I've got a 93 Africa Twin (bought it just under a year ago, and very pleased with it) and the front brakes are just starting to 'bind' a little bit. I thought I'd felt something slightly off with the brakes recently and then the MOT at the weekend...