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  1. Project Binky; strangely compelling.

    Don't know whether anyone has seen this series of youtube videos yet, but I'm hooked. It's nothing to do with bikes, and I've no particular interest in the car they're working on, but the work they do with limited tools is astounding. They call it, 'Two blokes c*cking about', but the quality...
  2. Perfect day, Boxing Day!

    Items for a perfect day: 1. Kids let us have a lay in 2. Better half suggested I might like to try and find DS's for the kids on my own "why not take the bike?" 3. Weather was so mild didn't even need heated grips on 4. Found everything I went out for and didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes...
  3. Happy birthday KYMMY

    :occasion9::occasion9::binky::binky::binky::blob::blob::blob::blob::blob::blob2::blob2::blob2::albino::albino::albino::tongue3::tongue3::tongue3::tongue3: You say it's your birthday It's my birthday too--yeah They say it's your birthday We're gonna have a good time I'm glad it's your birthday...
  4. Showa Shock

    Mechanical Advice
    Attempting to replace seals in a Showa rear shock, book says remove spring, ring clip and backing plate, done. Release Nitrogen, Problem, release the Nitrogen how the blazes does one refill with Nitrogen once the point of reverse procudure to reassemble has been reached :confused: Help :binky:
  5. funny noises

    funny noises - SOLUTION FOUND Hi, im getting a morse-code pitched beep from the laft side of the engine bay. It goes on and off like morse-code. Went out for a couple of hundred kms, and when i got back it was on steady till i switched off the engine. Any idea what that could be? Hope its...