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    It's like London buses. No birthdays for a while, then three all on the same day! Happy birthday to Win-xp, Traveller and Chronyx. Hope you all have a brilliant day and some nice pressies! Lou x
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    has someone started this already...? Birthdays coming in thick and fast in January!! Have a great one!:king:
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    It seems that a lot of Folk are celebrating their Birthday this Month, so as not to miss any one out HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL :occasion5: :occasion6:
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    Sod my birthdays, I've got 2000 posts!!!!! :blob8: Joined the xrv mob back in 2006 and have had a few straying moments over the years, but stuck with it :D Join Date: Jan 2006 Location: God's own County, Shropshire Posts: 2000
  5. Ride Reports and Pictures
    The planning for the ABR Highland meet in Ullapool had always involved a day or two in scotland either before of after the event, but a look at the leave chart at work and the fact that I had never been to the Outer Hebrides changed that to virtually a whole week gently running up the Outer...
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    BtBloke, happy birthday Rich PanRider, I'll be round later for my cake and I'll give you your pressie then Also Fishbone, He's not around much and many may not now him but he saved the bacon on the TLD by cooking it, top man and collective smilie things...
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    Hope you have a fab day both of you... sun is shining around here - perfect for getting out on the bike! Happy Birthday.:occasion5::occasion7::occasion6::occasion4: :sunny:
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    Has anyone else noticed that a certain invalid nurse has been making a bit of a fuss about birthdays recently? Could it be anything to do with a forthcoming birthday herself tomorrow? OK everyone, I don't think she'll have spotted this so let's all pretend we didn't notice and not even mention...
1-8 of 8 Results