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  1. hello from Waterford , Ireland

    Africa Twin
    hey Folks just joined the forum .. as I sold my BMW R1200 ADV just bought myself a 00 Africa Twin Rd07a... she is a little bit of a labour of love. many many years of being ignored and left out in the rain (rust and wiring issues) but going to return her to full glory.. the site has been a...
  2. New National Trust advert, I was amazed.

    New National Advert, I was sent a link to this by my paragliding buddy, watch out for him about half way through with a mad cow on board. What is happening to the National Trust? I remember blue rinses, suits of armour mouldy furniture and stale biscuits. I had to watch it twice to see if was a...
  3. Cobra Floods

    Well, the home counties have been hit now. We really will see some decisive action now. Instead of one cobra meeting a day will they double it to two a day. Hard decisions about who will fund the additional biscuits, who will be entitled to Bourbons and who will get the water biscuits will have...
  4. Maintainance day 5th oct

    After speaking with Whealie, I'm opening up our consolidation centre to him to carry out work on his bike on sat 5th october as I need to go in for work! If anyone else wants to pop along to work on their bikes in a secure, dryish enviroment then please let me know - I will provide a jetwash...
  5. Sold: XL600V Transalp 1999

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Having thought about selling it and then deciding to keep it the missus has been accepted to do a PGCE to be a primary teacher and so the bike has to go. 1 wife + 2 kids + £9k uni fees - 1 salary = no bike! I need £1650 for it. It is in great nick and has done just short of 39k miles. It was...
  6. Hither & thither in the Highlands

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Little run out on the @ today, seeing as how the rain has, in the main, been blown away. Headed west towards Inverness, with the idea of stealing a coffee and some biscuits from Schloss Lowflyer. A secluded glen provided some nice views . . . Rapped on Lowflyers front door, with no reply...
  7. Highland Fling 2012

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Last week BigW42, Paul & I took part in our annual boys own adventure, we had decided to explore the Highlands of Scotland in just 4 days due to other commitments like officiating at a car rally & BigW42 (Lee) having to catch a flight back to Iraq. Paul had never been any further North than...
  8. A tourist in my own back yard.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I had to nip over to St Boswells today to deliver a couple of tins of biscuits to the mechanic who looks after my car (don't ask, it's a mate thing!) ;) so I decided to do a bit of touring when I left him and headed for Kelso. Kelso was quite busy for a weekday. Next I went over some of the...
  9. Biscuits

    Given the recent scandal wherein the Prime Minister would not nominate his favourite biscuit for a national newspaper (though what WAS Nick Clegg thinking of by plumping for a Rich Tea?!?!?) it is plain that biscuits are a matter of great strategic importance. Therefore I feel I should bring...
  10. Biscuits are brilliant!

    bite the rounded ends of a finger of a twix then suck your tea/coffe through it - then eat it! sooooooo good!:blob5: what are your fave biscuits and why/how do you eat them! Z:D (not about bikes and i don't care:razz:)
  11. Banned Biscuits !!!!

    Well, theyre not banned - but I want them banned. OREOs !!!!! They're evil. You start eating them, just one before bed you say, with your cuppa, and before you know it you've eaten the pack :shock: Ban them. Or at least put a health warning on them !!!!!!!! :D