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  1. DIY Bivvy/tent

    Pulled from another forum, but I thought it worth distributing onwards here in case it had not been seen!! Make a tent like bivvy from a 3x3 tarp. Probably old hat to the hardcore types... ;-)
  2. Welsh circumnavigation- ideas

    Great Roads/Routes
    Hi All, next weekend the wife is letting me out for 3 days (2 nights) which is pretty rare indeed, so wanting to make the most of it I plan to ride around Wales, I have scanned a rough route (see below) but would welcome local insight, as would hate not to maximise this opportunity. Friday So...
  3. Highland Fling 2012

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Last week BigW42, Paul & I took part in our annual boys own adventure, we had decided to explore the Highlands of Scotland in just 4 days due to other commitments like officiating at a car rally & BigW42 (Lee) having to catch a flight back to Iraq. Paul had never been any further North than...
  4. A Day Out in North Wales

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just another day out in the country for Stubbsie & BIGW42, as we rode out into the Snowdonia National Park for a days riding taking photo's & to suss out a "wild bivvy" site for a forthcoming night out under the stars in the wild. We headed out towards Conwy & followed the Afon Conwy, passing...
  5. Devon to Cape Wrath

    Hi Folks, Off uup North this August (God and Wife willing) but do't fancy the hours of M'way dullness. Anyone got a fast scenic route I can use, even for some decent chunks to keep me feeling alive. I would love to just 'do' the coast(from Devon), but fear it would take the whole time, and...
  6. Greetings from my Garden

    I must need my head examined :D My oldest and her friend are doing a sleepover. Oldest decides they'd like to camp out but they're scared :rolleyes::D So we rig the bikers tent up (takes all off 5 seconds - cheers Davsato :thumbright:) and I rig up a very flashy military spec basha and bivvy...
  7. We Survived

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The weekend started on Friday night at our Mountain Rescue HQ in Bridgend, we packed up all the vehicles and left for the base at Penwyllt. When we arrived we were given a briefing and told what was expected of us over the weekend. We were told, You are a specialist demolition team who have...
  8. Tents

    Mechanical Advice
    So what is your favourite? After using decathlon's little 1 man 1/2 woman tent and then a 2/3 man Vango finally settled with the Khyam Mckinley which is a revelation in terms of erecting a tent in seconds and putting it back in the bag well in twice the time it takes you to get it up (funny that...