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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone got a tomtom rider v2 active (i.e. plug a charging cable into the mount itself) mount they want to sell? I took mine off an old bike I sold and then moved house and can't find the bl00dy thing!
  2. Chatter
    Damm, another Harley that'll find it's way onto the road, no doubt! BBC News - Japanese man delighted tsunami Harley has been found :-D
  3. Chatter
    There was I, innocently clearing a fallen tree on a friends farm when two [email protected] hornets decided I was a threat to their nest and stung me. Couldn't hear them over the saw, one got me on the noggin and the other just above my elbow. The bleeding b^ggers. Heads OK but my elbow looks like it's...
  4. XR
    Greetings all, Been reading the forum for a while - plenty of good info. :D Now I've decided to take the plunge and this seems the top place to get some help with getting my latest daft idea started. I'm coming back to bikes after a fair while - I always used to ride bigish trail bikes (XT and...